Starkville Schools providing various ways to distance educate

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Published on April 30, 2020 -

Starkville Schools providing various ways to distance educate

The Starkville School District, like many school districts across the state and nation, have been distance educating as the world stays home to fight the coronavirus.


Starkville Schools providing various ways to distance educate

Eddie peasant said it became apparent to him that a large number of students in the school district are without wifi access.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started teachers have been stepping up to ensure every student has access to the same education.

Employees have printed out thousands of learning packets as an alternative to the online learning materials.

But peasant said teachers learned about some students having no access to wifi once the district began delivering meals.

Peasant said teachers are diligent about making phone calls to students to make sure they have what they need.

Some teachers even made home visits to students while also practicing social distancing.

For dual enrolled and advanced placement students,, employees provided them with devices to complete their studies and exams. ."

"internet access is not something that we feel that we need to go to completely.

We feel that there's nothing that can replace face to face learning for our students and the opportunity to interact to do have hands on and build strong relationships with students but we do know that it can enhance instruction."

Superintendent peasant said there is a list of locations in the school district every student can go to access free wifi.

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