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Published on March 17, 2020 -
Election Chat

Elecction Chat

Back after this.

>> welcome back, we're joined by colleen, chairwoman of the charleston democratic party.

And maurice washington, chair of the republican party here in charleston, easy for me to say.

Let's talk about the local elections that you're looking forward to, and colleen, anything excite?

>> absolutely, i think we're going to flipped senate this year, and win three seats in charleston county.

>> state senate?

>> right.

>> i will admit that it's turning a little blewer, but we have a good guy at the top of the ticket, and i think there may be trickle down impact there.

We have to have good candidates who message with the voters and to colleen and the democrat's credit, they have found the right formula to do just that, and we hope week match that formula.

>> names?

>> jamie harrison is a strong candidate.

>> sandy, seeking re-election, we have open seats, and we have great candidates who have expressed interest, and we have tim scott.

And expressing interest.

So i feel good about our chances at the downtown council level and the statehouse.

We're going to put candidates in every one of the open seats.

>> i think that the candidates can have good discussions about the issues.

>> not only the issues, but the success of this economy.

>> so you feel that the economy is going to win over everybody.

>> not necessarily everybody, but look, when you increase household income by $5,000 when unemployment is on the downswing, and folks are coming off of the welfare roles, we have a strong message, prison refer, and look, obviously the president couldn't do that alone.

So we have to share in some of the success, and i think we're open mined to that.

>> where do you think that a candidate such as jimmy would make an machine?

>> every time that we're holding an event, we're getting a larger thousand dollars than the democratic matter has experienced in charleston county.

Large crowds, and i would disagree.

I think that the economy had hasn't worked well for the middle class.

There are a lot of people not making $15 an hour, struggling to make rent.

And they're being heard in a louder voice than before.

>> but they may not be making $15 an hour, but moving unemployment to employment and $14 an hour, it's good for all of right reasons.

>> what's next for both parties.

>> we have candidate filing starting on monday.


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