NIBP Training Tour

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Published on March 3, 2020 -

NIBP Training Tour

Next month, the National Independent Black Parent Association Training Tour stops by Ocean Springs.


NIBP Training Tour

- next month, the national- independent black parent- association training tour stops- by ocean springs.

- now we have anne joining us to- tell us all about it ahead of - time, so you can learn more.- - - coming up after the break,- - - wxxv >> with great nephew of frederick douglass and he recently wrote the book psycho academic holocaust, the special- education adhd war against like more and so be it as it may he's coming down to actually train a many black parents, students, community members were interested in advocating for african-american children in public and charter school.

He wants to teach you what is a 504 on with the iep special- education social emotional learning.

There's a lot of in- depth things that african- american parents need to understand when it comes to educational issues within schoo district and what are some of things that are going to talk about is that i can smile bible or sportsman others is talking about at this won't with again, but then deal detail.

He's going to help the parents actually ho to advocate the biggest thing is tom our parents do not know what to say and what to do when it comes to their child in public school or in charter school how to properly advocate for them.

Who do i need to contact when my son is having issues with their teachers.

A proper placement or proper testing.

This will better help them in the process so he's gonna show you a wealth of what you need to know from a federal standpoint.

From a state standpoint and also give you a clear understanding of what you need to do for your child in school and that's a little over a month a month out but how can people get registered, they would need to go to dr. warren and they would register their for the training is a one-day training is very incense on something to be ther, give or take about 12 hours, but would provide breakfast, lunch and also dinner i'm gonna have different different giveaways $100 giveaways mother gives prizes and also have their eyes wealth war, the attendees, so it's gonna be a wealth of knowledge is going to be fine.

It is gonna be intent to be a good time and we look towards and will

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