Minnesota's precinct caucuses

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Published on February 26, 2020 -
It's a unique way for citizens to be involved in their political parties.

Minnesota's precinct caucuses

Tonight á minnesota political parties conducted their precinct caucuses.

The minnesota democratic farmerá labor party had caucuses in 7 southeast minnesota locations.

For their part, republicans in freeborn county held a caucus at southwest middle school.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco talked to political enthusiasts about what's at stake this election season.


Live katie and george..

John marshall high school was the location for one such precinct caucus.

Voters chose people to organize precincts and represent their precincts at future conventions.

Dfl members feel a lot is at stake in this election.xxx "it's just been the last 6 years i've been caucusing with the democratic party.

Before that, i actuay caucused with the republican party?"

Isabella: what made you change?

"donald trump."

Multiple precincts á dozens of voters á meeting to choose democrats for all levels of government á from the state legislature to the white house.

These political devotees and officials telling me why they vote "blue."

"the republican platform of divide and build walls and demonize different groups doesn't hold sway anymore."

"i think you are more likely for everyone to have healthcare, i think you'll get more funding for education, more interest in the environment."

Officials and caucus goers passionately making the case for issues they care about deeply.

State representative tina liebling is running for reelection in her district.

"we are working really hard to bring down prescription drug prices, it's a complex area and it means working against some pretty powerful opponents."

"everyone in my opinion has a national right to have healthcare."

And though this is a decidedly local affair, these democrats are unified in their focus on the current occupant of 16á hundred pennsylvania avenue.

"we have the most corrupt president that we've had in my lifetime and tonight á mower county dfl members also held a caucus at riverland community college.

Live in rochester ib kimt news 3.

Thanks isabella.

Super tuesday is only a week away.

Keep up with kimt news 3 as we bring you coverage on the presidential primary.

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