Hillary Clinton Comes To Scranton

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Hillary Clinton Comes To Scranton

Hillary Clinton Comes To Scranton

((mark)) irish eyes are smiling tonight in the electric city after a saint patrick's day celebration for the ladies featuring a high profile guest.

((brittany)) former secretary of state hillary clinton served as the keynote speaker for the society of irish women's 19th annual st.

Patrick's day dinner.

Eyewitness news reporter kelly choate is live at the hilton scranton and conference center... kelly.

((kelly))good evening, mark and brittany.

There was so much excitement inside this hotel tonight.

Some of these women have been waiting for years to meet hillary clinton -- and tonight they had their chance.

((kelly))"i thank everybody here who has supported me over the past years (applause)!"for the first time since her presidential campaign -- hillary clinton was back in scranton.

The former secretary of state was the keynote speaker for the society of irish women's 19th annual st.

Patrick's day celebration.(mary clare kingsley/co-president, society of irish women)"who else can you have to empower women?

That's what this organization is all about!

Bringing women to the forefront.

She's the best out there, and we couldn't be any prouder!"about 600 people attended the popular st.

Patrick's day tradition -- the largest crowd ever for this event -- and the tickets didn't last long.(jane shrive/co-president, society of irish women) "it was crazy!

Once we announced it, the next day we were sold out!"during her nearly half-hour long speech -- clinton wasn't shy about her scranton roots.

The former presidential candidate used to spend her summers in wyoming county -- and clinton's father hugh rodham is buried in west scranton.

(hillary clinton)"it really means the world to me to know that my grandfather and his hard work built scranton and helped to build america!"

Clinton also told the audience that she's "ready to come out of the woods" and help unify our "divided nation".

She says it's time to find common ground -- listen to one another -- and stand together.

"i don't believe that we can let political "i don't believe that "i don't believe that we can let political divides harden into personal divides.

And we can't just ignore or turn a cold shoulder to someone who disagrees with us politically."

"applause/standing ovation" ((kelly))after her speech -- clinton posed for photos and even took a few "selfies".

Organizers told me this celebration will be tough to top next year.

We're live in scranton tonight -- kelly choate -- eyewitness news.

((mark)) this is just the latest big name to headline the event.((brittany)) previous speakers at the society's dinner included president barack obama and former vice president joe biden's sister.


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