Teacher Bonus Money

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Published on December 19, 2019 -

Teacher Bonus Money

The Columbus Municipal School District is thanking it's employees in a major way for their academic success.


Teacher Bonus Money

Did your parents ever give you money for good report cards?

Well, the columbus muncipal school district is trying that incentive for its schools and staff.

Tonight... the district handed out nearly 200 thousand dollars to schools for improving their letter grades..

Our quentin smith was there as the checks were handed out.... so quentin how did the educators say it feels to be recognized?

Scott, they're excited and say this is a sign of their commitments to their jobs.

Even though they received some extra cash tonight..

They say... seeing their students succeed in the classroom is the real reward... and yes, a large amount of money was a part of the celebration..

But not this kind of money though, this kind.... just over 181 thousand dollars was awarded to personnel at two schools in the district.

Staff and faculty at columbus high school were rewarded for improving from a c to a b school..

" it feels great.

To see the hard work being paid off, our teachers in the classroom doing everything they can to help our students, knowing our students are performing well, seeing hard work from the teachers and the students, this is a reflection of it."

Stokes beard elementary school was also recognized for moving from from an f to a b.

" just success.

I'm so honored that our district took the time to pour their resources to celebrate with the teachers their hard work, so just a success and feeling this warm reception tonight make the job worthwhile."

This is the pay-off for the district's teacher incentive payment plan, or tipp.

Tipp rewards schools that improve their letter grade from the previous school year..

" not only does it include for teacher and teacher assistance, but all staff throughout the school campus that happens to move their school up.

Next year, or this school year, the incentive will kick in with maintenance,.

Schools they had a b for this year, if they maintain a b, will still get payouts next year, and all schools that come from different levels up to c, b, and a, will get their own incentive next year, next december."

" sometimes education can be a thankless field and incentives of being celebrated, especially monetarily, is a great way to tell people that you appreciate them and you value the work that they do."

Although it's the schools receiving the attention, teachers and administrators say none of the success would be possible if it wasn't for the hard work of the students " those are the winners, they are the winners for this.

They are the ones they perform so we really want to do some things to celebrate them and their hard work.

Without them performing in the classroom, none of this would be possible" the teacher incentive payment plan was created in 2018.

This is the first time for schools to receive incentives from the plan... to read more about the tipp plan, visit our website at wcbi dot com take

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