North AL Semper Fi Week Kicks Off

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on November 7, 2019 -

North AL Semper Fi Week Kicks Off

Megan Reyna visits Huntsville International Airport where active and retired military were welcomed for "Hero's Week."


North AL Semper Fi Week Kicks Off

Happening right now -- active and retired military and their spouses are in huntsville for "hero's week."

They will be honored this week as we count down to veterans day.

Waay31's megan reyna joins us live from the airport... to show us the warm welcome as they stepped off their planes.

In the last hour... the final group was greeted with cheers down this hall.

Nearly 60- current and former service members and their families are here.

They tell me this kind of treatment is both surreal..

And encouraging.

Natz:"welcome to huntsville" king says:" honestly leaves me speechless because i'm not use to this."

Rebecca king comes from a military family.

Her father spent 17 years in the army... inspiring her to join the air force.

She's now a veteran and wounded warrior.

King says:"mental illnesses like ptsd, non-combat ptsd, mdd and anxiety disorders."

It's moments like this... greeted by strangers... showing their full support that have king thankful.

King says:"like i love it, it's amazing."

Semper fi of north alabama started heroes' week 13 years ago... to give wounded warriors a proper welcome home.

Many of them were in hospitals when their units returned as heroes.

It's not just service members involved..

Spouses like ivan joseph will also enjoy a week of relaxation and appreciation.

Natz joseph's husband has been in the armed forces for more than 20 years.

He's currently on his fifth deployment... and just had foot and back surgery.

Joseph says:"we have been apart for so long, his last deployment to kuwait was in 2017 and we're going on 2019 where he hasn't been home, so he's missed a lot."

But it's weeks like this... that joseph cherishes..

Making up for the time apart.

Joseph says:"you miss something, but the community pays him back in return and that's big."

Those welcoming agree... this is how these heroes deserve to be treated.

Shira says:"it's one big family that will never leave you once you become part of it, i get chocked up thinking about it."

The group riding off with the patriot guard into a week full of appreciation... natz patriot guard something a little different about this year's group... two of them are actually first responders.

Organizers tell me it's all about honoring every type of hero.

Reporting live in huntsville... megan reyna

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