Helping the community

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Published on November 5, 2019 -
Helping the community

Helping the community

>>> wonderful people doing wonderful things in the community.

We want to welcome our next guest, eric janssen, and damon simpson cochair.

It helps youngsters in our community.

Valuable things in life, the things we tend to take for granted.

First, thank you for joining us.

To be you can tell little bit more about "r3" and why you decided to found this organization?

>> thank you for having us.

I founded the organization, i grew up in the city of charleston.

We have been going since 2011.

We basically led the youth help guide us and develop the program that they would participate in.

We originlly started as a basketball team and we evolved into more of helping them with social, and economic skills.

How to eat proper foods, like fruits and vegetables.

From there, helping with homework and just making sure they are on the right path of a college education, or military.

That is basically how it got started.

>> when it started on the basketball courts, you are hearing from these children things that were happening in their lives so, you decided to implement additional programs and ways of introducing them into what you are saying, fresh fruits and vegetables, things we tend to take for granted.

However, what kind of an impact was that having on the children?

What were they telling you that you decided to have these cooking classes?

>> you know, the lower east side is a food desert.

Just studying and seeing what's going on in the community.

The grocery store, at the time, they had a lot of canned goods and stuff like that.

We wanted to make sure they were eating proper foods.

I am a cook.

I was cooking for 25 years.

To develop a program like that, that i'm familiar with also help me help the kids line.

>> it probably sounds like such a fine idea.

How can you not have access to fresh fruit and vegetables?

As we have learned, that is something they have never experienced.

Damon, you are cochairman of this organization.

How did you find "r3"?

>> i became friends with eric through work.

After hearing him talk about it, doesn't take long before you get really inspired spending a little time with this guy.

Just listening to his enthusiasm , for the program, recognizing how important the things they were doing were and how needed they were.

Just wanted to get involved in any way.

He was gracious enough to ask me to come onto the board.

>> when they say "the children are our future".

It is really true.

Investing in them now you are investing in the adults of tomorrow, for people to get in on this and that is with the fundraiser that you will be holding.

When is it?

>> november 10, at the containment bar in downtown.

We have some great sponsors.

We have great people working with us.

>> we've had a lot of businesses, around town, support us.

Home team barbecue, edmonds exchange have pitched in to get the word out and supply some great prizes, raffle prizes.

>> big boom is the band.

[laughter] >> want wonderful.

People can find tickets online.

Again, this is november 10 at the container bar.

I want to thank you so much for joining us.

We will have all of that on our website

Thank you for doing wonderful work in the

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