East Johnson Street to close on Halloween; parents concerned about trick-or-treater safety

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Published on October 31, 2019 -

East Johnson Street to close on Halloween; parents concerned about trick-or-treater safety

The city of Madison announced that East Johnson Street will close from Baldwin Street to First Street starting at 7 a.m.

On Halloween through 5 a.m Nov.



East Johnson Street to close on Halloween; parents concerned about trick-or-treater safety

Halloween is always a time for drivers to be extra alert.

But in one east johnson street neighborhood -- a recent road closure will put more cars and kids on the same dimly lit streets.

Jamie perez is live..

To share the concerns of parents.

East johnson has been down to one lane for several months.

Tomorrow, they're closing down that other lane.

Meaning all that traffic will be rerouted to side streets.

One parent i spoke with today who lives here says these streets have no street lighting and he's concerned because it's already so dangerous on halloween... that this will only make things worse.

"this whole thing has been going on for several months now.

It's been kind of a headache" tim stumm has seen the traffic get worse in his neighborhood ever since this johnson street construction project started several months ago.

Nats street but he says what was already a frustrating road experience nats is about to get worse street for construction onhis halloween.

"i've already seen a lot of increased traffic due to the construction and this will make the traffic even worse as they close down that other lane here on johnson street.

I'm just really concerned that there will just be an influx of cars right at rush hour, in the dark, coming through these side streets just as little kids are crossing streets" strumm said one of his neighbors asked the city to postpone their construction plan by one day to keep kids as safe as possible on halloween, but the city said they couldn't make that happen.

"it is not as easy as just pushing it off.

It takes a lot of coordination.

We have contracters, subcontracters, crews, that have all scheduled for this closure" hannah mohelnitzky also said with construction season coming to a close, they need to get these projects done soon.

"mother nature is putting pressure on all of us" "they're all legitimate reasons, but just due to the circumstances of halloween happening tomorrow, it just seems like delaying one day to allow these kids to have a safer trick or treating experience just seems like it is worth any extra time on the back end for the construction project" the city may end up having to postpone the project anyway if it snows too much tonight or tomorrow.

They will put out something on their website in the morning if something changes.

In the meantime, it's best to just be extra careful around this area tomorrow.

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