live shot outside courthouse on mulazim

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Published on October 29, 2019 -
mulazim retrial for murder of jonathan price

live shot outside courthouse on mulazim

Right now, prosecutors are making their final case to a jury...urging them to convict dawan mulazim of murdering u-s marine jonathan price in the woodhill center parking lot in 2014.

Mulazim is on trial for price's death a second time...because last year, a jury couldn't make a decision.

Abc 36's christy bollinger has spent the last two weeks in the courtroom for you... she's live now outside the justice center.

Christy, the jury won't just make a decision on the murder charge...but also on a separate robbery charge...the commonwealth is connecting to price's death.

Right, the prosecution says that 2nd street robbery almost a month after the shooting ties dawan mulazim to price's murder...all because of a yankees baseball cap found in a dumpster.

Police say mulazim can be seen wearing that cap on surveillance video in a drive thru liquor store minutes after the shooting five years ago at austin city saloon.

The defense went first today...finishing up its case, arguing there's not enough evidence to incriminate mulazim...investigat ors didn't find any of price's dna on mulazim.

Attorneys say price's widow...megan price's description of the murder weapon, doesn't match the one prosecutors say was used to kill her husband.

They went on to say mulazim wasn't guilty of a robbery at a quality inn six days before the shooting...though a jury did find him guilty.

The commonwealth argued then the murder weapon used was stolen from the in..

Mulazim's public defender says he's the wrong guy who's been fighting for his life the last five years and is now putting his trust into the jury.

Cg - kim green - public defender for mulazim "trusting them that they will actually work from the right picture from the presumption of innocence and they will come to the verdict of this case of not guilty because dawan mulazim did not commit these robberies he did not assault megan price and he did not murder jonathan price.

" so far, the commonwealth in its closing argument says the defense is trying to distract the jury from the evidence.

Defense attorney kim green used a puzzle reference saying the commonwealth and police were trying to force pieces together that don't fit...and you should throw away pieces that don't fit.

The commonwealth says that's not how it works.

Unknown time and outcue: cg - kimberly baird - commonwealth's attorney puzzle sot right now, the jury is still hearing from the commonwealth.

I'm going to get an still hearing from the commonwealth.

I'm going to get an update from the courtroom and i'll bring that to you at 5:30.

Live in lexington christy bollinger abc 36 news.

### in winchester, investigators are

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