UW, OSU stick to the plan

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Published on October 28, 2019 -

UW, OSU stick to the plan

Ahead of their Saturday match up, the Badgers are sticking to their proven strategies in hopes it will be enough to beat the Buckeyes.


UW, OSU stick to the plan

The badger football team hasn't played at ohio state since 2013, but they're back in columbus this weekend.

Wisconsin and ohio state play this morning at 11 am -- it's the national game on fox.

And that's where we find our jay wilson ahead of kick- off.

Any time a team like wisconsin plays a team like ohio state, it's thought to be a battle of underrated and overachieving players against the cream of the crop blue chippers coming out of high school..

We'll find out today which strategy works better..

Obviously with these two programs, both ways work..

But the differences are pretty remarkable..

Since 2000, ohio state has had 45 five-star recruits in their program..

In the same time, wisconsin has had 4..

Ohio state might have the most talent and the best team in the country this season..

But give the badger program credit..

They've taken whatever material they get and tranformed it into a winner.


But give the badger program credit..

They've taken whatever material they get and tranformed it into a winner.

(((jim leonhard: yeah, i think that's what we hang our hat on is we trust our evaluation, we trust the roles we're gonna ask guys to fill- we develop the heck out of guys.

We trust our philosophy and our approach-- we know what this place is and who we are able to recruit.

We'd love to recruit everybody in the country but the reality is, you get told no a lot.

Chris orr: at the end of the day, they're good football players at a division one program, at a historic division one program..

What they did in high school doesn't matter, it's all about what they're doing now..

They're doing great things now so i'm moreso excited to play ohio state instead of like the five-star recruits."

" "))) there will be talent all over the field on both sides of the ball including two players many feel are in the top five for the heisman trophy-- ohio state quarterback justin fields who was a five-star recruit when he came out of high school and originally went to georgia... and wisconsin running back jonathan taylor who was a three-star recruit coming out of

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