top story dawan mulazim trial

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Published on October 24, 2019 -
trial day four

top story dawan mulazim trial

Veronica jean seltzer..

In our top story at six... ...a jailhouse phone call between the suspect in a marine's murder and his wife... played today in court.

26-year-old jonathan price was killed in lexington outside austin city saloon in 2014...while celebrating his wife's birthday.

The accused killer...dawan on trial again...because a jury last year couldn't reach a verdict.

Abc 36's christy bollinger is following the trial.

Christy, mulazim isn't just on trial for the murder charge, but also for a robbery a month later.

Today, police further tried to connect the aftermath of that robbery to the murder...with surveillance video and a phone call between mulazim and his wife sholanda.

She was arrested after the robbery her husband is accused in...for tampering with physical evidence.

Lead detective franz wolff says she's accused of throwing away items in mulazim's car...stolen in that robbery.

Also found in a nearby dumpster was a yankees baseball cap with a box of ammunition sitting in it that officers say is connected to jonathan price's murder.

In court today, we listened to a jailhouse phone call she made to mulazim after she was arrested.

Voice of sholanda mulazim: "and i just said idk so they charged me with tampering with physical evidence they said some about a phone call saying you said i threw something away."

Defense attorneys argued the parts of the call prosecutors chose to play...didn't give a full picture of what that call was about.

They say the parts we didn't hear reveal sholanda was kicking her husband out...and that's why she was throwing away his things.

We also saw a lot of surveillance video today from the night of price's murder...showing a man in a yankees the one found after the robbery....going through a liquor store drive through near austin city saloon.

A dna analyst testified today he tested that hat found in the dumpster and found mulazim's d-n-a on it.

The lead detective says he showed mulazim's sister the video and she identified the man in it as her brother.

The defense had questions about time code differences between two different surveillance camera angles...implying the video might show two different cars...meaning mulazim wouldn't have been the only one around the saloon.

The trial is scheduled to pick back up tomorrow...with the last witness and then closing arguments.

Live in lexington, cb, abc 36 news.

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