Solar panels help Glide firefighters save energy

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Published on October 18, 2019 -

Solar panels help Glide firefighters save energy

The entire system cost more than $160,000 to install and was paid for by Pacific Power’s Blue Sky program and Energy Trust Oregon.


Solar panels help Glide firefighters save energy


Power outages will never be an issue for firefighters at the glide rural fire protection district now that they have a full solar pannel and back up battery system.

Kezi 9 news reporter evita garza shows us how their new system will help better the community in the long run.

Trt: 2:14 00:00 take lower at the glide rural fire protection district&fire officials say the communty safety and saving energy truly go hand in hand.

00:08 ted damewood, fire chief, glide rural fire protection dist.

Things that we need power for: our bay doors, heating, lighting so if it at night we can see what wee doing?

That why they made the decision to install 70 killowatt solar panel system last year.

The panel system cost more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to install, but fire officials say it was completely paid for by a grant from pacific power and energy trust of oregon.

It really helps us as a fire department to prolong our stability in natural events?

With one hundred and seventy-five solar pannels...damewood says the panels will collect power from the sun and provide more than thirty percent of the building power during the winter.

Fire officials also installed a back up battery system that uses some of the energy that comes from the pannels.

01:02 evita:?the two boxes you see next to me may not look like anything special, but theye actually the back-up batteries that power the entire station in case of emergency.

The fire chief says it cost them forty thousand dollars out of their own pocket, but he says it was worth it because he knows it will save someone life one day?

Fire officials tell me the batteries were not covered by the grant.

But they say they paid the extra money because outages are more likely in a rural area like glide&so they need all the power they can get.

01:29 beth warner, business manager, glide rural fire protection dist:?in linking that system together, having the batteries that are always storing energy, we would be able to operate and provide emergency services in that situation for a long period of time?

Damewood says these investments may seem like a lot, but he say they will be saving the station more than eight thousand dollars each year.?if we can stay one step ahead of the event, whatever it is, the better we can help our public?

He says that money will go into improving their department so that they can help the community in the best way possible.

Reporting in glide, evita garza kezi

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