USM Alum Brian Dozier heading to World Series

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Published on October 17, 2019 -

USM Alum Brian Dozier heading to World Series

The Washington Nationals are heading to their first World Series in franchise history and Southern Miss alum Brian Dozier is once again along for the ride.


USM Alum Brian Dozier heading to World Series

Harrison central- - the washington nationals are- heading to their first world- series, in franchise history...- and southern miss - alum brian dozier, is once- again... along for the ride.- last night, the nats used a - seven-run first inning... to- complete a four-game sweep, of- the st.

Louis cardinals...- in the national league... or- nationals league... - championship series.- as a result of tuesday's 7-4- victory... dozier is now the- only- player to appear on the n-l - world series roster... in each- of the- last two seasons.

- that 20-18 run with the los - angeles dodgers also makes- dozier the first and only - graduate, of u-s-m... to make - multiple trips... to the fall - classic.- from 2009 college world - series... to major league world- series... two times over... - southern miss head coach- scott berry says dozier has - always been one... to create- his own luck.

- - ""man, i can't be more happie for him and - his family and for this - opportunity that he's been- given.

And not only this year,- but the - - - - prior year with the dodgers.- it's something that a lot of- people go their whole - career and never have an- opportunity to do.

But he's bee- in the right place at the right- - - - time, and certainly worked- himself into this position."

- - - the nationals are one of just - seven remaining m-l-b - franchises... still in search..- of their first-ever world - series title.

- they'll take on the winner of - the new york yankees and- houston astros... out of the- american

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