ATHENS WEST 10.10.19

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Published on October 11, 2019 -
ATHENS WEST 10.10.19

ATHENS WEST 10.10.19

Is kicking off c1 3 c1 3 welcome to the new season with brighton beach memoirs, a company that in 19welcome to the new season with brighton beach memoirs, a company that in 1930 you will get director of the play tosha fowler here as well.

Brandon critchfield, who please stanley in the show.

Thank you for having a very cold so what is this a good you get the was described as a comedy returning of age, explains that is a hysterical comedy by neil simon anyone who is not live in is is unmapped the master of american icon the company anyway and the story centers around a young bo 15 who is in love with baseball.

He lives in new york with his jewish family and and one of his opening monologue.

He says you know it's a play with the yankees.

I should've been a joe will catch up with i getting with what you see on your to you so if you comedy and brando plays ivy league characters older brother and he he really helps and i to grow into his manhood had your experience in is and what can been like takin on a persona oh this is my first professional production: so it's been but is really woke me to showing of in 07 you were to work through trying find personal ties of my own life that are convenient cared for her since and someone the i.

Actually play everyone you like you are life.

I will so you will be so is is pretty the right of the relation because it set 1937, but it still has things that still tie into ever teenage boy now while in the story centers that he away but it's really actually the family and every family member has their moment had there seem and so it's very relevant to today because we are family and we can all laugh at when the mom says like you doing leaving the will kill me or i would have liver for dinner.

I and some of the bar and unit serious moments i like when stanley loses his paycheck like and what happens and it's a beautiful scene between him and his father later on that happened so you know we all recognize the dad characters while the is amazing and funny and also heart health this because understand is not big for you you so i'm i and i knew to lexington about it to see a little bit every year here and when athens left approached me and asked me to the right i immediately thought of a different who is in nashville who i worked with years and years ago and i she was in nashville working on set of the tv show nashville out she's also a really fabulous designer and so i called her up and said hey i heard that the national show close as the i do you have any i any work right now what you do and and she was like, i would love to design the and we sat down and looked at it, we were like the whole because of the way that the mai characters that i go upstairs i go to my room i go to my i cousins ran i go back downstairs.

I'm in the kitchen i'm in the into the yard to needed all of that and said she she designed this really beautiful bearbaiting home for us and she came down and and she and for the past two weeks and may think my weight i want information on absolutely so i if you want to come out you can go to and we run through october 20, thursday through sunday and thursdays

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