Cynthia Nixon takes campaign to Albany

Video Credit: WKTV
Published on October 5, 2019 -

Cynthia Nixon takes campaign to Albany

The “Sex and the City” star challenging Gov.

Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary in the gubernatorial race is hitting the campaign trail.


Cynthia Nixon takes campaign to Albany

Andrew cuomo in the democratic on the campaign trail.

Cynthia nixon made her first stop in albany.

The actress turned candidate... joined educators speaking out about school funding.

In her speech about inequities in education spending... nixon called out the white house.

--but also took swipes at the two-term governor's state budgetproposal and blastea bully.....and faulted his effort to combat government corruption.

S/ cynthia nixon, new york gubernatorial candidate:14 "in 2018 new yorkers know that if we're not going to tolerate the devos or the reckless greed a corrupt are not going to tolete it in ouown backyard."

Nixon announced last week she will challenge cuomo in the september primary.

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