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Published on October 5, 2019 -


High school football teams around the state will look to take one step closer to a state title.



So tomorrow night a big night for the baylor volleyball team but also for high school football teams around the state as they will look to take one step closer to a state title... one of those the temple wildcats who are on their redemption tour, as they take on port authur memorial... these two teams met last year with the wildcats running away with the 39-7 win... so these two teams very familiar with eachother and despite the score from a year ago, temple knows they will have their hands full in prairieview tomorrow night... :01-:05 :06-:14 15-end we expect a good game really, they're pretty fast, theyre physical, we beat them last year so i'm sure they'll be ready this time.

We played them last year so we've got a good feel for, i'm gonna tell you what it is, it's pure speed.

Last year 16 games they were the most athletic team we played and this year so far it will not even close, it'll be the most athletic team we've played, they're scary good, they've got big play potential they've very aggressive, well coached and so it's gonna be a speed deal, can we handle their speed and can we fit them up and can we keep them in front of us and can we eliminate mistakes

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