Wirth Watching: 1948 U of U Football

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
Wirth Watching: 1948 U of U Football

Wirth Watching: 1948 U of U Football

Randall so the university of utah starts its football season later this week.

And we know byu started yesterday.

And its all on television now.

Well actually that isn't anything new.

As you know--- we are celebrating as we are about to turn 70 years old.

And in our first year channel four televised every utah home game.

Back then it seemed some were more excited about this new thing called tv than they were about the game.

Craig wirth takes us back to 1948 for this wirth watching report.

[b3]wirth watching:-pkg now in sports, the football scores for the day.

First in the skyline conference wyoming 21 and utah 7.

Denver 14, byu 7.

Utah state 22 and montana state 13 of course football and tv just go together.

We were not the first station to ever broadcast football.

But as america's 19th station on the air and utah's first tv station .

Channel four was a pioneer at live football telecasts.

The university and channel four agreed to televise every home game in our first year of 1948.

Now this thrilled tv set dealers.

Aurbacks showed this set for 199 dollars so you could be the first on your block to watch those games and this is that 1948 tv as advertised.

Can you imagine having the entire neighborhood over ad watching a football game on that screen?

Your big screen.

Oh it was so cool.

You could see idaho.

The u of u and arizona and the big rival utah state.

All on that little screen course you could argue the players weren't too big either.

The average weight of the team was 189 pounds.

And the line had a 200 pound average.

Ok that really isn't an argument on how they fit a small screen.

But what was more fasciinating was the newspaper found it more interesting to describe how new-fangled tv worked rather than what happened in the game.

How quarterback canon parkinson's pass was a million and a half little electronic elements.

How you could see eight or nine players at a time..

And how a hairlike beam sweeps across your tv set at home.

In fact the tribune in 1948 showed the tv control room.

Apparently it was better than any ol' game photo.

Yes tv and football did go together.

And by the way--- this footage is of the utes from back then.

But not from television.

You see we didn't have video tape..

And really in honesty it probably didn't look this good.

Oh but folks loved it.

Indeed tv, fans and maybe some chips and a beverage did go together.

So much that later channel four started a show with the old utah coach.

I found an audition tape for that sportscast.

This is a crying towel, this is ray nagle, head football coach at the university of utah.

And this is last week's score, ucla 14 utah 12, ray, why did you have utah punt on first down?

Presenting football with ray nagel with highlights of last week's university of utah football game.

Up to the minute scouting reports and the inside story of football at the university of utah.

Paul james and ray made sports interactive.

Sam gallus of blaine street in salt lake city wants to know why did you punt on first down.

Well paul at the time it seemed like a fine idea and i have slept on it now for two nights and i agree with the gentleman, i think he's right, we shouldn't have kicked.

So just remember thanks to the speed of tv..

You've had the illusion of one continuous moving action view.

And the ball hasn't even reached the pass receiver.

However you saw it on your 6 inch screen.because this is the future--- this is 1948.

Craig wirth good for utah.

Randall channel four found the games so popular that the station hauled the remote truck up to catch the basketball games too.


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