Mike O'Reilly PKG

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Published on October 4, 2019 -
Chiefs pitcher Mike O'Reilly is the All-Star that doesn't look like an All-Star

Mike O'Reilly PKG

Lakes loons.

<<kurt pegler>> chiefs lefty mike o'reilly hopes to pitch in tonight's game..

So he can show the rest of the league what we already know... the guy who doesn't really look the part of all-star... truly is one.

<<kurt pegler/wmbd sports: when pitcher mike o'reilly took a pitcture with his peoria all-star teammates... even he felt a little out of place.

He doesn't have the flash of, say, chiefs pitcher jordan hicks but he is an all-star because he gets guys out with his head not necessarily his arm.mike o'reilly/chiefs all- star pitcher: "jordan's got incredible stuff, i wouldn't put myself in that same catagory.

But i like to think i have great command, pitch smart and get guys out."chris swauger/chiefs manager: "on the surface you look at his stuff and wonder why he is so good.

He truly owns what he has.

He knows what he does well, he repeats and is very consistent."

Kurt pegler/wmbd sports he may not look flashy but his results are eye-popping.

He already has one-hit and a two-hit shut outs this season, mainly throwing pitches between 88- and-90 miles an hour.mike o'reilly/chiefs all-star ppitcher: "i'm sure it'd be fun to throw 99 but i still have a lot of fun pitching.

It's what i love to do."kurt pegler/wmbd sports: another rason o'reilly doesn't have the look of an all-star -- he was a 27th round pick last year out of a division-2 school in florida, flagler college, not exaclty a place know for pumping out big league prospects.mike o'reilly/chiefs all-star pitcher: "out of high school there were offers from bigger schools.

My appraoch was it would benefit me most if i went down south.

I had a great fit with flagler colelge..

Found a great situation like that."

Kurt pegler/wmbd sports: he's the inconspicuous pitcher from the small college, making a big splash with the peoria chiefs and being rewarded with an all-star appearance.>>

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