Fact Finders: Oscar Facts (Video)

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Published on October 3, 2019 -

Fact Finders: Oscar Facts (Video)

How much does an Oscar statuette cost?

How about all the red carpet?

And the 21st time is the charm for an Oscar nominee.


Fact Finders: Oscar Facts (Video)

Going to do accident going to be there going to make something beautiful important and pack fall after any i'm years of the academy awards they are plenty of interesting facts are fact finders we take a look at a few more obscure facts put together by the guys wall in this one you may think that twenty four karat gold covered oscar is priceless it is not it has are price this year cost a little less than seven hundred dollars you know what cost lot more all that red carpet to pee precisely put down sixteen thousand square feet of the stuff at the cost of some thirty thousand dollars one damage scotch guard was on that this your kevin o'connell he was nominated for sound movie sound mixing for the movie hack cell rich get this is the twenty first time.

He's been nominated and he's never one that is until tonight with a say twenty first time's the charm i missed at was pretty interesting

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