Wess A Block Hit

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Published on October 2, 2019 -
Wess A Block Hit

Wess A Block Hit

"nats from the game "((josh))after a gut- wrenching game it came down to the final seconds -- the packers barely ad ..

By the cbowi ((josh)) ben creighton here and no doubt a valiant comeback effort by dallas but it came up just short((ben)) yeah we were all watching the game in the newsroom and we were talking about how this possible comeback would elevate what our staff member marcus eubanks called the legend of dak...but despite his great performance in the 4th quarter...unfortunately aaron rodgers and mason crosby would break the hearts of cowboys fans.

After trailing 21-3 in the second quarter the cowboys were able to rally back to tie it at 28 late in the 4th quarter and again at 31 after a 52 yarder by dan bailey...the packers however...thanks to a huge 36 yard throw from aaron rodgers to jared cook and a mason crosby game winning field goal slammed the door shut on the cowboys' title hopes as green bay notched the first road win of the nfl playoffs with the 34-31 win.

Now you have to give credit to dak prescott who after struggling early helped lead dallas to the almost comeback win...the rookie finished with 302 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.

((ben)) as i said definitely can't be a cheery night down in jerry's world and our own wess moore is right in the middle of it...he joins us live from at&t stadium...wess what was said postgame?

((wess)) "outcue: gotta tip your hat to aaron rodgers " aaron rodgers "((wess)) ((ben))

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