Bill would require plastic bottles to contain certain amount of recycled material

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Published on September 15, 2019 -

Bill would require plastic bottles to contain certain amount of recycled material

A new bill is waiting to be signed by Gov.

Gavin Newsom that if signed, would require a certain percentage of plastic in plastic bottles to be made of recycled material.


Bill would require plastic bottles to contain certain amount of recycled material

Drink water out of plastic water bottles like these.

Now a new bill - would require companies to use recycled material to make their bottles.

Scott: " i think in general the bill itself i think is a good bill.

It's a good direction to go in.

Kim scott is talking about ab 792.

She works at chico scrap metal& she says she's all for protecting the environment scott: "we've seen a number of news reports about whats going on with plastics in the water and in the oceans, things in that of course moving forward environmentally and in the recycling industry seems like it's an important step to take."

If governor newsom signs the bill - companies would need to make their bottles made up of at least 10 percent recycled material beginning in 2021.

Scott: " i think it could become a costly transition.

Change often is in the industry.

Any change usually comes with a cost.

So i think the bigger companies that have to be responsible for that are going to come with some real challenges."

Standup: take a look behind me chico scrap metal says this is 15 tons of plastic water bottles.

It took them 3 week to collect.

"there are challenges probably with the quality of plastic that's out there.

So i think this bill moving in that direction might be a really good bill.

But there's a big question mark of the unknown."

Like the question of cost.

"if there's any shift as far as money back to the consumer i think you will find this product not making it into the recycling centers."

(nats) can coming down assembly bill 54 & also on the governors desk would sponsor mobile recycling centers to go to communities without access to them.

"i think that's also going to be very difficult.

Where are you going to do that at?

And as for that second bill officials say its going to be easier to help you get those 5 cents for bottles like this.

Dozens of people came out to the lao (h)mong veteran's memorial in downtown chico today.

The event started at 11 this morning - at the city plaza.

Organizers say the event is put on to honor all veterans who fought in war.

It's also a chance to educate the public... about general vang pao's efforts in the "secret war."

They say the war in laos... cost the lives of many soldiers fighting against communism.

"as we honor our late general vang pao as he took us to laos coming to america during the secret war and its significant not just for the hmong people but for all the people who fought in war for freedom and democracy.

We want to honor everybody."

The event also featured speeches from different chapters of the lao-hmong veterans' organizations.

There was also dancing for entertainment.

The community in palermo now has two*brand ne* playgrounds to enjoy!

Action news now reporter kristian lopez was at palermo park this morning and spoke to kids who shared their excitement... nats ribbon cutting kyren/9 years old: i'm happy that it's built and

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