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Last week in lawrence the sycamores came up just short against the kansas jayhawks.

This week their focus turned to home as they prepared to host the dayton flyers.

Earlier this week coach mallory said that this matchup up against the flyers, maybe the toughest game of the season for isu.

And it lived up to that.

1st qtr, sycamores knocking on the door and it's peterson ker-le-grand with the 14 yard touchdown run.

Isu takes the early lead.

Later in the 1st, tied at 7, dayton looking for more but jonas griffith stops the flyers drive with this sack.

Dayton has to punt.

Jump ahead to the final minute of the first half, sycamores trail 21-7.

Drive starts on isu's own five yard line, but ker-le-grand flips the field for the sycamores as he's brought down around the dayton 25.

Just a few plays later, boyle connects with dante hendrix for the 6 yard touchdown pass and catch.

Isu trails 21-14 at the half.

3rd qtr, dayton missed the memo don't kick to number 83!

Dakota caton or he'll do things like this to you.

He shakes off the would be tacklers and returns this one 35 yards into the flyers red zone.

Sycamores take advantage of the great field position.

Chris childers punches it in on the goal line.

Isu ties things up at 21.

4th qtr, isu trails 35-21.

Ker-le-grand cuts into that flyers lead with this 19 yard touchdown run.

He finished with 194 and two touchdowns in the contest.

Sycamores trail by seven.

Later in the 4th, isu knocking on the door again and it's childers again punching it in.

We're tied at 35.

Final minute of action.

Isu trails by seven but are in flyers territory.

Boyle looks to the sideline but dayton's db reads it and picks off the pass.

Isu falls in their home opener to the dayton flyers 42-35.

After the game coach mallory said his message to the team was very simple.

<i believe in this football team.

You know, last year we were 2-4 and no body that we could win five straight.

Ultimately it's the same group of guys back.

It's one loss.

And i know you can say well it's two or what have ya, but we're going to get back on track.

We'll get back on track tomorrow and i'm going to lead this team.

We're going to get this thing back on track.

It starts with me and it ends with me and we're going to get back going

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