Unity in the Community draws thousands to Riverfront Park for 25th anniversary

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Published on August 18, 2019 -

Unity in the Community draws thousands to Riverfront Park for 25th anniversary

Thousands of people, some from around the world, gathered in Riverfront Park on Saturday, all eager to learn about one another.


Unity in the Community draws thousands to Riverfront Park for 25th anniversary

Is what unity should look like."

:02 diversity and unity were at the center of a major gathering in riverfront park today.

Thanks for joining us .i'm ariana lake.

The 25th annual unity in the community displayed cultures from around the world that are often underrepresented in spokane.

Our kyle simchuk is working 4 you with all the details.

07:46:10 0-8it takes months of planning to pull off an event this size.

Not only were dozens of cultures on display but also a lot of resources from housing to healthcare."

:0906:21:37it's wonderful to see how differences are put aside and people become curious to learn something about another culture."

:06 shaking hands with strangers -- some of whom grew up in countries thousands of miles away.06:19:50"we have sweden, vietnam, we have the phillipines."

:04 there was a lot to adsorb in riverfront park.

This year, unity in the community celebrated its 25th anniversary.

06:20:24 30-38 "when we began unity in the community, it was actually in liberty park and so we just grew to a point about 10 years ago where we just could no longer have it there."

:10 there's more than just cultures to explore.06:02:31 43-48"you get also information about health and stuff about the community that's not everywhere that a lot of people don't know."

:06janet de leon brings her family every year.

Her kids take home more than just a lesson in geography.

06:02:08"i have 12 kids and i'm on a low income and so it's hard for me to provide all of this stuff for my kids so i'm glad there's a community that can help us do that."

:101200 backpacks filled with school supplies were handed out.

06:01:00 "pencils, notebooks, stuff that the kids need for the school year."

:03 but first, kids had to finish a small homework assignment.

06:21:00 "the kids get really excited about their school supplies but what we're doing is having them have a mini passport stamped as they go through the cultural village to have them learn something about another culture and at the end they get their free backpack of school supplies."

:1006:21:37 "it really is one of those events that gets you inspired and excited about the way we connect with each other in spokane."

:0507:48:29 124-s organizers estimate today's crowd to be about 5,000 people they say they may need a larger venue in the future.

In spokane kyle simchuk 4 news now."

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