VIDEO Back to school plans hectic in Schiuylkill County

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Published on August 16, 2019 -
VIDEO Back to school plans hectic in Schiuylkill County

VIDEO Back to school plans hectic in Schiuylkill County

In south whitehall township julia rose 69 news.

>>thanks julie, a.

Well back to school plans are a little hectic in schuylkill county surprise issues, including mold have blue mountain school district administrators, developing a plan b that means the late start dates and building swaps jamie stover has more.

>>side blue mountain west elementary says august 26th first day of school.

The district has now taken in a race or 2 it so to speak.

>>we don't want to to keep our kids out any longer than what's necessary.

But we also don't want to russia not be prepared along ensure there are lots of repairs that need to be done and there's no way it's going to happen by august 26th, we both your peers.

>>i think.

>>are the kids who are here's how we got here in march 2 water heater register first over the weekend spouting water throughout part of the building.

It was dried out insurance approved fixes and a company was hired to fix the rest the summer then they have more to fix basically water was coming in through various points on the exteriors crews now have to fix the leaks and deal with the hidden consequences of water going on notice for heaven knows how long mold being one of them.

We have other things other than just mold in there as well obviously when you have wrought and plywood on your walls, the district's waiting on repair options mean time putting together plan b.

>>blue mountain west students grades k through 2 will go to the former saint amber school the district has a month to month weeks, 3rd graders will go to blue mountain chris own a the start date is still up in the air equipment needs to be moved and transportation still needs to be figured out.

>>the district

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