#happylife: The difference between a sports physical and wellness visits

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Published on August 16, 2019 -
#happylife: The difference between a sports physical and wellness visits

#happylife: The difference between a sports physical and wellness visits


("news for your happy life brought to you by 14th and grand.") if your kids play sports, this is definitely something on your back to school list.

Sports physicals.

But one local doctor is warning parents about calling them that when you book the appointment with the doctor.

Our caroline flynn is live in spokane this morning... with why you should be saying wellness visit.

The reason is because when you book a sports physical for teens, many doctors will bill it to your insurance as a wellness visit -- especially if it's a place like a walk in clinic -- and they don't screen for problems that are really affecting young adults.

Anxiety and depression.a wellness visit and a sports physical are two very different things.at a sports physical, you are checking to make sure the teen is ok to play sports.

At a wellness visit, doctors are looking at the adolescent as a whole.how are they growing, developing..... handling scary and sometimes difficult problems that head their way with undeveloped brains.dr. hudon with providence grand pediatrics says that teens keep a lot to themselves and when asked questions about anxiety and depression in the doctors office, it can really illuminate problems they are facing.

("kathryn hudon, d.o.

Pediatrician with providence pediatrics20:43 it does happen a lot more often then people would think.

And it's not only surprising to the patients but the parents.

5 ")it's all done with straightforward questioning where they look for red flags in answers.kind of like when we adults go to the doctor, the medical assistant will ask us questions first, then the doctor comes in and follows up on what we talked about.

If adolescents do show signs of anxiety or depression, then doctors will recommend ways to get help.

So if you are calling to make that appointment for sports, ask for a wellness visit.... the sports physical can always be included there but not visa versa.in spokane, caroline flynn 4 news now.

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