PetVet 8-14

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Sometimes nature, can cause quirks with certain types of animals.

PetVet 8-14

Dowe: sometimes nature, can cause quirks with certain types of animals.

Today our petvet on call has a fun fact about white cats.

"when an animal, any animal lacks in too much pigment, they're usually lacking in some sort of neurological function, almost always it's the hearing.

White cats, especially males with blue eyes are almost always deaf.

If they have one blue eye, then they're usually deaf on the side of the blue eye.

So that doesn't mean you can't adopt one of these cats or have one, just be extra kind and cautious with them, approch them slowly, never startle them 'cause that kind of excitment is never fun."

Dowe: if you have a question for doctor eva dudek -- just send it to petvet at koam-tv dot-com.

Now let's check out this week's picks of the litter.

From the joplin humane society we've chosen flamingo -- an adult siamese.

And from the southeast kansas humane society, we've chosen tango -- a five month old retriever labrador mix.

If you're looking for a pet -- check out your local humane society.


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