Chris Jones speaks to high school football players

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Chris Jones speaks to high school football players

Chris Jones speaks to high school football players

Member of the chiefs kq2's chris roush is live at missouri western with more on how one chief is reaching out.

Thanks alan... defensive lineman chris jones has been partnering with mosaic life care to speak with high school football players about teaching them life lessons when it comes to playing football... <<(nat sound: kids signing) high school football practice starts next week...but these football players reported early for a camp with chiefs defensive lineman chris jones...(sot, brayden addington, lafayette sophomore: "it was really cool considering how impressive he is as an nfl player, just knowing all the stats that he had last year and how he has competed for the chiefs and helped out the team.

To hear him talk and genuiley care.

It was just really cool.")jones spoke to the high school football players wednesday about playing with a purpose and believing in themselves... (sot, chris jones: "i believe that the mind is the most powerful thing and once you change your mind and thoughts, your actions will change.")and he told the young ballplayers a story about his mentor from his high school football days...(nat sound: my high school coach.

Me and him are still very good friends.

He is my mentor.

He always believed in me.

He always told me that you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you.")and that's the message jones spreads...and the students listened...(sot, brayden

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