Strahm's athleticism a welcome fit in centerfield for Spokane

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Published on July 13, 2019 -

Strahm's athleticism a welcome fit in centerfield for Spokane

Spokane Indians centerfielder Kellen Strahm is one of the best athletes on the field at all times.


Strahm's athleticism a welcome fit in centerfield for Spokane

Making it to the major leagues in baseball might be the toughest journey of any professional sport...playing in the minors means you move your whole life around the country.... a season....for many seasons...but the spokane indians kellen wasting a single second of his kellen strahm: "you know i play with a passion on the field, in the locker room i'm a passionate person you know i think it's helped me out and i think i am the person i am today because of my upcoming.

Alyssa: there's more than major league dreams driving kellen strahm to crash into walls to make a catch...or sprint with everything he's got for another stolen base.

Kellen strahm: it's been hard just because i've been doubted from coaches.alyssa: primarily by his hometown college...the 3 oregon ducks offered him a preferred a walk on spot after high school...but an injury made one assistant coach suggest strahm play elsewhere...a path that landed him a scholarship at san jose state.kellen: they gave me an opportunity to play and you know i never took it for granted and that's what i'm trying to do here, you know the rangers gave me a shot, taking me in the fifth round and that's awesome.

Alyssa: and to those coaches who doubted him?kellen:you know i'm showing them that they missed out on something that could have contributed to their team.

Alyssa: he's made a big impact for the indians early on....batting at the top of the lineup...still playing with a giant chip on his shoulder kenny hook: i think it's a huge asset for him and i think in the game of baseball you have to have that edge so i think it shows in the way he plays and how hard he plays, it's a lot to like when a guy plays like that.

Alyssa: but wanting to prove people wrong isn't alone enough to become one of the most important players for the indians.

He was a multi-sport athlete in high school, even named oregon's 6a player of the year as a senior.kellen strahm: playing different sports works different muscles and i like to think that i'm the most athletic on the field at all times just becasue i played three sports so i think football helped me out with that a little bit.

Kenny hook: he's kind of a five-tool type very dynamic player as far as you know he can run, throw, pretty explosive type athlete alyssa: he also played with an explosive athlete in high school...his quarterback and best friend at sheldon high is now oregon's current qb...justin herbert.

But that doesn't catch him cheering on the ducks...kellen strahm: i kind of separated myself from oregon.

I'm a justin herbert fan not an oregon fan.alyssa: strahm holds on to just enough of those negative emotions to drive him forward...those moments have taught him never to take an opportunity for granted.

Kellen strahm: you know it was tough but i definitely perservered and i'm here, so it's a big accomplishment for me to prove people wrong.

So that's the passion i play with."

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