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Local Artist Fleming

Music Series Spotlight

>> on this week's spotlight music series happy to we did fleming near.

Local singer song writer that loves his city.

His early music experiences were influenced by bob dylan and an always and rolling stones.

Common thread among these bands was powerful message that is they often sang about.

You did mention three of my most favorite bands.

All three of them.

Why are they a favorite of yours?

>> well, first music i heard.

I had older brothers that are brought these records into the house.

And they moved me.

I would just enjoy the words.

>> music was fantastic.

Words were powerful.

And of the times.

>> right.

It was a difficult time.

I remember that even as a young child before entering school.

That not unlike what we are facing now.

Reminds me of it.

>> there was a song you wrote in 2015.

That also spoke to your love of humanity.

Your love of charleston.

Maybe tell us more about that song.

>> well, i wrote it -- i was thinking about that.

Why did i write that song?

Reflecting back on it.

I wanted to preserve what nadine collier did for this area.

>> reminds her who she is.

>> nadine collier first person to speak at dylann roof's arraignment.

And i didn't write the song until -- i wrote it day the flag came down.

And i did it to preserve what nadine collier had done.

Because i felt like the politics of the moment had obscured that selfless act of forgiveness that set the tone, you know.

Finally the politicians found the courage to do the rye thing.

And -- >> we are talking about emmanuel nine massacre.

Do you remember -- i remember where i was when i found out that happened.

Do you remember where you were?

>> absolutely.

I was at home.

On my couch.

That night.

And i was just oh, my goodness.

This is going to set us back so many years.

You know i am from generation where in second grade was first year they segregated schools.

So i was brought up kind of to be prideful of the flag.

But when i watched -- what i really remember being is watching nadine collier live on tv.

And it made me cry.

>> when you say the flat.

We are talk bing confederate flag?

>> yes.

>> and so this experience, impacted you obviously to a very deep emotional level.

>> right.

>> were you thinking in that moment i have to write a song about this?

>> i was thinking i have to write a song for what miss collier did.

That courage.

That selfless love.

That was an example of christian love.

I have not witnessed anything that strong in my life.

>> so you saw a community stick together.

And you are a native of the lowcountry.

You have been born and raised here.

Lived here all of your life?

>> right.

>> so that love of your land.

The love of your city.

Has also now entered you into a whole new realm.

That is, the political realm.

So we are talking about politics.

A bit ago.

And now you are making that transition from musician to politician.

You are runing for summerville mayor.

Tell bus that.

>> well, i never thought i would do that.

But i saw a need.

And, i think, the timing is right.

To raise awareness to issues that are of concern in summerville.

Summerville right now is at a crossroads.

It is kind of lost its identity.

Much like we are at a moment that could be transformational if we choose right path.

We were known for football.

Not so much any more.

I think, degrees in the town is headed is being toward destination for people that like music, food, and art.

And my being an artist i would be good addition to form of government we have in summerville, that you know fresh set of eyes.

And just a different voice, you know.

Lots of times local politics is dominated by attorneys.

And insurance businessmen.

And it is nothing wrong with that.

But sometimes we need diversity.

Not necessarily skin color but life experiences.

>> yes.

Now we would be remiss if we did not hear some of your artistry here on fox 24 news now.

So you will perform for us.

What song?

>> in the holy city.

>> in the holy city.

>> tribute to miss nadine collier for whom i have never met but i know she ?





In a house of god.

When they kneeled and prayed.

Sent them to their graves.

Our lives were lost.


And not coming back.

All because his destin was black.

When the county courthouse.



Was arraigned.

Words fell hard like summer rain.

She spoke of a loss.

All the hurt and the pain.

Forgave them all in jesus name.


She forgave them at all in jesus name.




In the holy city.

First and the last.

Nine lives were lost but their love still lasts.

And the last and the first.

And the first would be last.

In the holy city the love will last.

The love will last.




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