Illegal fireworks not allowed at Lake Selmac this 4th of July

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Published on July 3, 2019 -
Illegal fireworks not allowed at Lake Selmac this 4th of July

Illegal fireworks not allowed at Lake Selmac this 4th of July

Stuff-llpkg leah says, "on the fourth of july people sit around lake selmac and enjoy the fireworks being shot into the air.

Some even take pictures and videos of the fireworks.

There's also some mixed emotions about the fact that people can set off fireworks here at the lake.

Nat every year people bring illegal fireworks like these.

Nats to set off over the lake.

Lynn fuller they've been going on for a long time.

This is the only coming out here for a better part of 15 years for it.

Lynn fuller works at smoke on the water resort.

It's right next to lake selmac.

She has mixed feelings about fireworks at the lake.

There are some positivities.

Lynn fuller it gets really busy.

Like we are going to have a full park here for 4th of july.

She also has some concerns.

Lynn fuller things catching on fire and people not picking up their mess.

Josh sabota every year we have our 3 or 4 rangers that help patrol.

This year i believe the josphine county sheriffs and thei llinois valley fire district, odf usual has a few guys out there as well to help us patrol it.

Josh sabota is the lead park ranger for josephine county parks.

He tells me this year any illegal fireworks that are found will be confisgated.

That person could also recieve a citation.

Some people wonder why the county allows fireworks at the lake at all?

Josh sabota if we don't have a safe spot to put them they are just going to go else where and do them at their houses, back of dead end roads or in the mountains and it could become bigger liability.

Lynn fuller if we can have people come out and do it in the water, professionally then i think it would be ok.

If you are setting up fireworks at the lake or anywhere this year.

Make sure to have water to put out the fireworks or fires.

In selma leah thompson newswatch 12.

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