Look and feel good with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

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Published on June 26, 2019 -

Look and feel good with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics

Sometimes when we age, we may start to feel uncomfortable in our own skin, and there's nothing we can do about it, right?

Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics thinks differently - they want you to feel and look good.

Judi is here with more information.


Look and feel good with Bluegrass Medical Aesthetics


C1 3 ... welcome back to mid-day kentuck times a week age when they star the will little uncomfortable in our own skin and there's nothing we can really do about it right or there so today we have bluegrass medical that asked that think differently and they want you to feel and look good and judy is here to give us mor information and duty thank you so much being back with how is our duty you have we need help sorting about fillers and a letter give the audience a little overview of what the fillers are we have a lot of different fillers and i i i do an individualized consult with every single person so it's really about what they need.

Why in the where you know why you wanted where you want it and it's not more not what about aging is about what the plan is yeah so i have you know we he's wrestling we use to return we use radius and sculpture and those are all just some words you know they all have meeting to to the injector so having a really experience injector do your consult is really importan today can tell you what you nee and is socially coming with an idea of what you want.

Then we can go into what you right wher are the most prominent places on your face.

Were we would proceed fillers oh will cheeks and lips listen probably the most popula right now and they are like really hot with the with young girls and him and even but she is are i'm really popular.

This is a great example of a subtle very naturally i beautiful thing you mentioned natural to that's really i think there's always been that your with people who haven't done fillers and better with the well up there to look huge and make immediate is righ off really with you is very subtle and you all really.

I mean it it you know you will know exactly what to do.

How much is in all of that try out as far as leg the different areas mom cheeks let those of big hot items you on the when a person comes in for cons old yo know how to that process work with the with the new patient is never done it be were you know their interest the other little timid what that profit going well you know if you're coming in the deftly when here with the immediately when here an opinion they want to know what the expert thinks and noted you had been a top to bottom consult is really a orton i usually start with skincare and i go into on fillers and and toxins in your modulators botox and is i also going to treatment, so i is safe consult were for aesthetic correction and its it is a have to be a correction mom it's just been somebody wants o needs you you are the fillers are permanent right they you have to go in that it the results will be shown in the let's the actually is amazing right there and then you can go on for an is danny with immediate need will want to see it right away.

You fillers are great while i did my cheeks and my jawline and this was a quick how phil and you know when people see that they understand that you know i'm not going in for right now at a big correction were going to meet you look the best you are a mess and it looks so natural to any sitting here with you right now it looks so natural you were a little worried because you got your little swollen from the other but it looks beautiful.

I mean you really look great and looks very natural and and you know i'm a big fan of is no know how my to use different clients i would think that there might be different medius bars the quantities are involved in it is is completely individualized an reasonable person be different and to go by syringe yes that's that's the key like people here how many strangest that it's really about what the what's needed and result we went to have a real result.

Hardly any to me so doing something over is going to hurt somebody there no be happy you and i make you par of the process and sodas all the injectors they can make it part of processing what you just see what's going on and he might have that immediate action right it's so important go to someone like you and all the other professional bluegrass medical staff because it's scary especially if you're going in for your first time you hear especially from years ago all the night you made a the picture there i you is not that the jawline so weekly natural i would never even look at you right now anything the having had a minimal to how good your work is better will are offerin a promotion right now with a lo of the permissions so we have on like you jupiter fillers, so to to written fillers and if there one free and again as per the consult part of what where and how you and also the disport to sports in her modulator on b two areas.

You can get when free which is a fullface action basically have an her modulator on by syringe fillers were doing a whole the package going into the let and a it's really fighting find and then full liquid phase the you for that before i'm at the full jupiter overcorrection with will botox action 4000 it's it's a that thousand dollar value half the hear that kind of stuff going on you.

Sorry amazing online were the bma ky.com and you can even assign instream faith permanent radicals that will judy is always

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