Music Monday: Tshila

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Music Monday: Tshila

Music Monday: Tshila

With heat and the humidity.

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All right.

Thank you matt, singer songwriter and producer to live lives in pennsburg but was born in uganda.

>>she's performed her original music all over the world and her mix of hip-hop and african influence blend together to create a unique sound which can be distinctly heard in her latest album released world in crisis and she's here.

This morning with more good morning.

Good you have said that music can be fun, but it can also educate what kind of message are you trying to convey and your new album world in crisis.

>>i'm not so with this album i wanted the world to you know be a little bit more aware of some of the things that are happening around us even though we do.

We do have exposure to that through the news.

Sometimes music is a really powerful tool to you know help people engage in.

Want to be inspired, it makes them feel more inspired to to help with whatever is going on absolutely and and sometimes the though the melody can stick with you intended help along with that right when you are writing does the music come first the tomb come first or do the lyrics come first most times for me it's the 2 ok i really love having great melodies and sometimes they running through my head and think wow you know i need to write this is a and they just drop out of the sky.

>>i sometimes dream about songs been enough and i wake up and call you my phone or yeah, writing down it that's great now throughout the album you talk a lot about bringing change to the world.

>>what change do you want to bring through your music.

The most important thing for me is to is for the world to be exposed most especially to things that are happening.

>>in africa and most especially my country in uganda.

That's one of the biggest reasons why i decided to be a musician because i wanted to be an advocate for change.

And i wanted to be almost like an activist but using music can cut.

>>your first song is in your native tell me a little bit about what it says and with the >>so the first song is cool bayat way law which stands for let's unite that's be together it's almost like a bob marley said one love so we need to have that attitude and knowing that unit.

He is going to bring about more change than being divided all right take it away too think.

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Music monday seal.

All right, thank you so much steve we're here with artists who live on this music monday.

>>2 i will be performing at music fest 2019 on sunday august, 11.

She will be playing music from her latest record which focuses on bringing change to the world good morning once again.

Thank you for having me you're welcome tell me a little bit about some of the world issues that mean the most to you.

>>the biggest one for me the struggle for women's equality.

Of course there's so many other things like race and and um being from africa not poverty and and of global policy things like that so.

But the primary one that i try to focus on is to encourage women and to empower them not only through my words but also through my actions.

Ok so that i imagined the word see your songs.

>>are kind of inspired by those issues right so both depending on what's going on because i was disheartened growing up law firm weil coming from a 3rd world country.

>>with a lot of.

Issues that just never got any attention globally i'm so that inspired me to just want to you know broadcast it out to the world and have everybody try to at least if they don't do something to at least know what's going where can people purchase or music.

So my music is available on all platforms i'm a first first offer my web site which is to la dot com.

And then i'm on i tunes amazon google play and yet today was there something else you wanted to mention that we didn't get a chance to go over.

I only wanted to to mention my performances have another performance coming up on thursday at the mayo performing arts center in new jersey in a town called moorestown so if you live anywhere close to the arrow.

If you just want to come out and see me i'll be very happy pay what are you performing this time.

So this time going to a song called revolution now and i'm just like i said it's part of you know trying to inspire people to see what's happening around them and want to create change ok, thank you very much and thank you.

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If you are paying up to >>day they be you me and i.

The check out what people had said.

>>up to go check that out.

Thank you see the well that's going to wrap it up for us this morning, thanks so much for watching we leave you now with a little more from c law.

>>every morning when >>seems >>i'm mommy.

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