Carrie Underwood sued, Avengers Re-Assemble, and more in What’s Poppin’

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Published on June 21, 2019 -
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Carrie Underwood sued, Avengers Re-Assemble, and more in What’s Poppin’

C1 3 amber game on!

It's carrie underwood's sunday night football song on n-b-c.

But now-- singer heidi merrill is the one saying game on --- with a lawsuit.

She says she pitched a song to carrie underwood's producer in 2016-- who passed on it.

Fast forward to 2018-- merrill says the sunday night football tune is a direct copyright violation of the song she wrote.

She's suing carrie underwood, the n-f- l, and n-b-c.

Mandy let's talk about some good news... the "jeopardy!"

Champion who won more than two million dollars is honoring the host of the game show.

James donated a portion of his winnings to a chicago-area pancreatic cancer walk in alex trebek's name.

With the donation-- he wrote the message-- "for alex trebek and all the other survivors."

Amber from real life heros to the ones on the big screen... avengers, re- assemble!

Marvel released a new version of the last movie of the franchise with an end-credit scene and other surprises, hitting theaters next weekend.

The new release of endgame isn't an extended cut, but will have a couple new things at the end of the movie, including a tribute and a deleted scene to go along with the already three-hour long film.

It's unclear how many theaters will be showing the new version or how long it will remain in theaters.

Mandy another movie is stirring up controversy... "good omens" is about an angel and a demon working together to keep the world from ending... and it has incurred the wrath of more than 20- thousand people.

They signed an online petition started by the christian group "return to order," demanding the mini- series be cancelled.

One problem -- they directed the petition to netflix... and the show is on amazon prime.

Amber some people drunk- dial.....other people drunk-purchase.

During an interview on howard stern's siriusx-m satellite show, russell crowe said he bought a dinosaur head from leonardo dicaprio.

About ten years ago, the two stars were hanging out, drinking vodka, when leonardo mentioned he had the skull.....but was going to sell it because there was another one he wanted.

Russell offered to buy it, and did, for 35-thousand dollars.

The head was later sold it an auction to pay for his divorce... and it turns out the skull was a fossil relative of the monitor lizard family.

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