On The Beat 6/18/19 - Villas at Wolf Creek (Homes By Frye)

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Published on June 18, 2019 -

On The Beat 6/18/19 - Villas at Wolf Creek (Homes By Frye)

Today on "On the Beat", Troy is joined by Kenny Frye from Homes by Frye to discuss the new housing development Villas at Wolf Creek in Caledonia.


On The Beat 6/18/19 - Villas at Wolf Creek (Homes By Frye)

Beat", everyone.

I'm over her with kenny frye from homes by frye.

It's a wonderful new development called villas at wolf creek.

If you want to be the new guy in town with the new development with new interiors, new exteriors, this is the man you need to get together with.

How are you , man?

Frye: i'm doing great.

How are you?

Host: it's great to see you again.

I want to talk about the project that you're pulling together.

Why did you divide that area up?

Frye: it's just a great location.

Caledonia is a little booming frye: it's just a great location.

Caledonia is a little booming town that's getting a lot of good exposure.

They've got a great school out there.

It's just a good place, you've got the columbus air force base.

So host: it's in a good area!

Frye: yeah, so there's a lot of people moving to columbus and there's a lot of people trying to move out to caledonia because of the school district.

Host: well, i'm sure everyone at home would like to know what sort of parcels of land are you sub-dividing off?

Frye: uh, actually the land itself out there?

Host: yeah.

Frye: it was an old pasture at one time and they had actually grown trees on it and cropped the trees over a period of time so it just came up for sale with some local people.

Host: and you jumped in?

Frye: yeah.

They sold one big tract so we jumped in.

Host: we want to mention there's a beautiful creek going through there as well, right?

Frye: that's right.

Host: and you have kept all of that?

Frye: yeah.

Host: all right.

Now the parcels of land that you're building the homes on, what size are they?

Are they half- acre?


How does that work?

Frye: one and a quarter acre up to two and three-quarter acres.

Host : per block?

Frye: yes, per block.

Host: so it's a pretty good- sized land.


Why did you decide to keep it at that size?

Frye: uh, that was just the best way to divide the land up and get it big enough to if you wanted a pool, if you wanted a shop, or if you need some of that stuff, you've got a lot of land to do it on.

Host: let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Frye: sure.

Host: let's talk about the homes.

What size homes are you putting on lease?

Averaging 3 bedroom homes?

Two baths?

How does it all work?

Frye: three bedroom, two bath.

Three bedroom, two and half.

Four bedroom, four and half.

Host: beautiful!

Frye: now, flooring and internal you can do all of that together?

Frye: that's right.

Host: ok.

Let's go through some of that process.

So i'm gonna come and buy off the plan, right?

Frye: that's right.

Host: now, at what stage do i get to have that conversation about what flooring i would like, what color paintworks, tiles, all those sorts of things?

Frye: well, we'll let you pick out a brick and we've got about eight bricks you can pick from.

Host: really?

Frye: yeah, and the rest of the outside, we pick the shingles.

We started doing the neighborhood so the neighborhood matches.

Gutters down, spouts, that sort of stuff.

And i actually do all the landscaping and the sidework.

But once you get on the inside, we have certain floorings you can pick out.

We've got several granite countertops so if you want to pick out white or brown or whatever colors, gray, you can do that.

And on the cabinets in the inside we've got about five or six selections that you can pick from.

And they are self-closing cabinets, self-closing drawers.

Host: so you're talking high end.

Frye: we're more of above a spec home but it's some pretty nice stuff.

Host: that's amazing!

We've been looking at a heap of images while we've been chatting about what you've got out there.

Now, how many houses are available now to purchase?

Frye: there's eight that you can look at right now.

We're actually fixin' to finish our first house and we're going to stage it.

And realtors and people can come out and we're going to have an open house uh so probably in about two to two and half weeks we'll have that ready.

Host: kenny, why did you decide to get into development?

Frye: well, actually, i've been doing this most of my life from a small kid and just over the years i've done other things but i've always come back to building.

It's a passion of mine.

I really love to build.

I'm actually a cabinet maker, a builder, and it's just something i like.

Host: well, kenny we appreciate you coming in.

Let's put up all that information on the screen.

There it all is everyone.

The villas at wolf creek homes by frye.

Information is all there with a phone number and go to their website.

It's a beautiful website.

It gives you lots of detail.

We'll be right back after this short break, everyone.

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