Mississippi State rallies in Omaha

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Published on June 18, 2019 -

Mississippi State rallies in Omaha

Through eight-and-a-half innings of Mississippi State’s first game in the College World Series, it was starting to look like the Bulldogs had picked a bad time to lose their first game of the NCAA Tournament.


Mississippi State rallies in Omaha

Eight-and-a-half inning- of mississippi- state's first game, in the- college world series... it was- starting to look like the - bulldogs had picked a bad time,- to lose their first game... of- the n-c-double-a tournament.- but then came the bottom of the- ninth... where the oma- - dawgs had everyone saying...- oma-gosh.

- down 4-1 to auburn, in that - bottom of the ninth inning... s- e-c hit king jake mangum got th- rally started, with a lead-off- double... and everything after- that... started to feel awfully- familiar.

- tanner allen walk... elijah - mac-namee r-b-i double... justi- foscue run-scoring fielder's- choice groundout... and - then what should've been the- game-ending throw over to - first... but it's too high... - allowing mac-namee to score - the game-tying run.

- and with m-s-u coming in with - the most come-from-behind - wins, in the nation... there's- only one way this was gonna end- two outs... bases loaded... - marshall gilbert single back up- the middle... and that's ball - game.

- an improbable 28th comeback - victory for the diamond dawgs,- - - - this season... 5-4 final... - perhaps a little rally banana - left in - the tank.

- - "i was talking with hatch about- it and we - were kind of making our - predictions about what was goin- to happen, so leading up- to that hatch went up to the- plate and i didn't even take an- practice swings.

I just - sat there and waited for the- sound of the ball hitting his - bat and when i saw what - happened i looked up at the lef- field foul pole that i always g- to and i walked up to - the plate, kind of said - whatever.

Let it rip, see what- happens, don't worry about the- result" - "higher power, man.

Just like - that 9th- - inning against stanford, like - this.

Let's do this thing, man.- like let's just do- the thing.

We've got a couple - more ball games to win.

If we - play good baseball, - good things will happen."

- - - - mississippi state will take on- vanderbilt, in the winner's - bracket... with first pitch - slated for 6 p-m tomorrow, from- omaha... on e-s-p-n.-

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