Baby Steps: 7-Month-Old Chimp Learns to Walk

Credit: Rumble
Published on June 12, 2019 - Duration: 00:34s

Baby Steps: 7-Month-Old Chimp Learns to Walk

An infant chimp is beginning to find his feet at the ​​Lwiro Primates Rehabilitation Center in the Democratic Republic of Congo, footage shared on Facebook on June 11 shows.

The video shows seven-month-old Tony learning to walk.

He slowly but surely found his balance as one of his carers looked on.

Much like humans, chimps are “virtually helpless” as babies, the center said.

“For chimpanzees, the first five years of life are critical for social bonding, learning from their mothers, and healthy psychological development,” the center wrote alongside the clip.

Credit: Lwiro Primates via Storyful


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