Adams-Friendship high school parent alleges teacher sexually harassed daughter

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Published on June 1, 2019 -

Adams-Friendship high school parent alleges teacher sexually harassed daughter

A teacher in the Adams-Friendship Area School District is under investigation after a parent alleged he sexually harassed a female student on a school trip to Florida.


Adams-Friendship high school parent alleges teacher sexually harassed daughter


A teacher in the adams-friendship school district is under investigation today.

This after a parent alleges he sexually harassed female students on a school trip to florida.

Keely arthur spoke to the parent this afternoon.

That parent wishes to remain anonymous.

She says brost made inapproriate coments of a sexual nature to her daughter on that trip which was just two weeks ago.

Today we spoke to brost's former student wey scarpinato who alleges something similar happened to her decades ago.

((( , " i was scared to death he was going to rapeme "))) former adams- friendship student wendy scarpinato reacting today after a name she would like to keep in the past has come back up.

Teacher jon brost is being investigated by the school district.

A parent who wishes to remain anonymous said brost made inapropriote comments of a sexual nature to her daughter during a trip to florida for a deca competition earlier this may.

Brost was suspended without pay decades ago following similar allegations after officials found out he stayed in a motel room with scarpinato during a deca competion in 1996.

((( , what was i supposed to say?

I was a poor kid from wisconsin, no money what was i supposed to say "sure i'll get my own hotel room?"

I had no way to get away from him.

I was stuck.

"))) brost disputed scarpinato's allegations but according to documents an arbitrator sided with the school district's decision to suspend him.

Writing "parents and administrators must be assured that when a male teacher takes a female student across the country he will not place the student in the type of position the grievant placed wendy.

The grievant's conduct in this instance is totally contrary to the trust whh is placed in teachers."

Scarpinato never spoke pubically until now saying these latest allegations compelled her to come forward.

((( , " i wiould like to see him never teach again, never with kids again, he cleary has a problem.

"))) it's unclear what will happen next.

Adams-friendship district administrator jim boebel tells us "this is a personell issue that is confidential at this time.

We want to protect all parties involved."

There was no criminal investigation opened int he 1996 matter.

Adams county sheriff's deparment said they are not currently investigating brost.

Brost's father who said his son is currently suspended with pay.

He said his son is innocent and called the allegations "bologna."

Our calls to brost have not been returned.

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