The Besties Obsessed With Pink & Yellow

Credit: Barcroft TV STUDIO
Published on May 30, 2019 - Duration: 06:19s

The Besties Obsessed With Pink & Yellow

A WOMAN obsessed with the colour pink has finally found happiness by befriending a woman obsessed with yellow.

Kitten Kay Sera, aka the Queen of Pink, describes herself as a ‘monochromatic’, someone who is addicted to one colour.

Exclusively donning pink clothing since the 1980s, Kitten’s obsession is so extreme that she claims she once turned down $1 million to wear another colour.

Kitten’s entire apartment is painted pink, and every kitchen appliance, fixture and pieces of furniture is a shade of her favourite colour.

Even her dog, Pinkerbell, has been dyed pink.

The 54-year-old, who resides in Los Angeles, has spent a number of years trying to find someone else who was obsessed with a colour, someone she could confide in and help to make her feel like she belongs.

And fortunately in December 2016, Kitten found Ella London, aka Miss Sunshine, a 35-year-old woman hooked on yellow - who just happens to live 20 minutes from Kitten’s apartment.


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