Tuskegee Airman visits Pottstown church

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Published on May 26, 2019 -
Tuskegee Airman visits Pottstown church

Tuskegee Airman visits Pottstown church

With a metal object in it.

The woman also told police she believes she's pregnant.

This memorial day weekend people are gathering across the country to honor those who lost their lives serving this country along with those who fought and survived one of the event's featured surviving tuskegee airman who made history as the nation's first african-american military pilots during world war 2.

Wfmz is irene snyder has the story.

>>this memorial day weekend.

He's former west pilot stand together in the history and legacy later this year, with >>african americans are still subject to jim crow laws.

Eugene richardson wanted to become a pilot military was.

>>he said he aided by race.

Who no hole sir the man like to support.

>>in 1945, richardson moved a tough gig alabama, signing up for the nation's first african american training program where he along with thousands of others made history as the tuskegee airmen things have changed because with us here and did because we do have individuals that are men and commanding.

>>when has year to for over here.

>>the group's success in exporting bombers during world war 2 has become legendary out of all the escort fire groups the tuskegee airmen lost the least amount of bombers.

We're just in says it's important remember all those who risked everything to live freely and america

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