As trash piles up, Missouri River Relief embraces cleanup mission

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Published on May 18, 2019 - Duration: 01:58s

As trash piles up, Missouri River Relief embraces cleanup mission

Clumps of trash line the banks of the Missouri River banks, a problem exacerbated by flooding this spring, but one group is determined to do something about it.

Missouri River Relief is committed to clean up at least a fraction of the trash.


As trash piles up, Missouri River Relief embraces cleanup mission

FLOODS WASHED MOREDEBRIS INTO THE RIVERTHAN NORMAL...AND ONE GROUP IS TRYINGTO DO SOMETHING ABOUTIT.41 ACTION NEWSREPORTER NICK STARLINGSHOWS US THE MESS ANDTHE CLEANUP.-natsTHE MIGHTY MISSOURI--THE PLACE FORWILDLIFE--BOATS ANDUNFORTUNATLEY-- MORETRASH FLOWINGDOWNSTREAM.1:07:04Steve Schnarr-Missouri RiverRelief, Executive DirectorIt's pretty aweful to see.WE'RE ON A BOAT HEADINGTO RIVER MARKER 333NEAR SIBLEY MISSOURIWHERE IT'S KNOWN TOHAVE A LOT OF TRASH.1:06:32 Steve Schnarr-Missouri River Relief,Executive DirectorThis is what we find along theMissouri River, but this is oneof the most intense spots.EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OFMISSOURI RIVERRELIEF--STEVE SCHNARRSAYS THE FLOOD OF 93WASHED OUT A LEVY HEREAND SO THIS AREACOLLECTS A LOT OFTRASH--THAT'S FLOWEDDOWNSTREAM FROMPLACES LIKE KANSAS CITY.1:06:44 Steve Schnarr-Missouri River Relief,Executive Directoreverybody's litter ends upfloating into a storm drain andthen into a creek and ends upin the Missouri River andplaces like this collect it andhelp us get it before it floatsondown stream.STANDUP: SO THE GOALTODAY WITH MISSOURIRIVER RELIEF IS TO REALLYPINPOINT WHERE THESEHEAVY TRASH SPOTS AREEVEN RIGHT HERE YOU CANSEE SOME BROKENBOTTLES THAT WAYTOMORROW WHEN THEYCOME BACK OUT HERE IT'SA LOT EASIER TO PIN-POINTWHERE TO GO TO PICK UPTHAT TRASH.43:00:08 Jeff Barrow, CrewMember with the MissouriRiver Reliefand then identify what type ofcrews will be needed, whattype of tools would be needed.SOME COULDN'T RESISTTHE URGE TO PICK UP ALITTLE BIT NOW.1:03:21Yay, good job.EVERYTHING FROM SODABOTTLES TO CAR PARTSTANGLED IN THE BRUSH--AND THE RECENTFLOOD--ADDED TO THEPROBLEM.44:10:22 Jeff Barrow, CrewMember with the MissouriRiver ReliefWhenever we have big floodswe find more trash and ifthere's devasting floods thenwe'll find like whole householdsthat will get washed into theriver or people's barns andtheir equipment, propanetanks.ITS A MESS DRIVING THISGROUP TO DO MORE--49:46:01 Pat Jansen, "PJ"I was just amazing at theamount of trash that peoplethrow out.TRYING TO MAKE ADIFFERENCE.46:22:23 Jeff Barrow, CrewMember with the MissouriRiver ReliefClean up after yourself.REPORTING NEAR SIBLEY,MISSOURINICK STARLING41 ACTION NEWS.VOLUNTEERS WILL CLEANUP THE TRASH STARTING AT9 TOMORROW MORNING.IF YOU WOULD LIKE TOHELP OUT, THEY HAVEMORE INFORMATION ONTHEIR WEBSITE -- RIVER-RELIEF-DOT-ORG.THIEVES TARGETED A

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