Truck used to clean up illegal dump sites stolen

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Published on May 17, 2019 - Duration: 02:19s
Truck used to clean up illegal dump sites stolen.

Truck used to clean up illegal dump sites stolen

KANSAS CITY STEALING AWORK TRUCK THAT HAS ASPECIAL PURPOSE.THE THEFT TOOK PLACE INTHE PARKING LOT OF THEIVANHOE NEIGHBORHOODCOUNCIL AT 37TH ANDWOODLAND.THAT'S WHERE WE FIND 41ACTION NEWS REPORTERANDRES GUTIERREZ.ANDRES-- WHAT DOES THISTRUCK MEANS TO THECOMMUNITY GROUP?CHRISTA--THE GROUP USES THETRUCK TO HAUL AWAYTRASH AND OTHER DEBRIS.IN FACT EARLIER THISWEEK BECAUSE THE TRUCKWAS LOADED WITH TREELIMBSSO THEY COULDN'T LOCKIT UP IN THIS CAGE WHERETHEY USUALLY PARK ITAND THOSE THIEVES TOOKADVANTAGE OF THAT.Alan young/IvanhoeNeighborhood Council Housingdirector/02:59:12-:14That is our workhorse here inthe neighborhoodSOMETHING THAT THESETHREE SUSPECTS DIDN'TTAKE INTO ACCOUNT EARLYTHURSDAY MORNING WHENTHEY CHOSE TO STEAL THISFORD F-550 FROM THEIVANHOE NEIGHBORHOODCOUNCIL.Rodrigo Alvarez/IvanhoeNeighborhoodCouncil/02:54:25-:30It"s the heart of the cleanupinitiative here in the IvanhoeareaSURVEILLANCE CAMERASCAPTURED ONE OF THETHREE THIEVES JIMMY THETRUCK'S LOCK AND WITHINMINUTES TAKES OFF WITHTHE 28-THOUSAND DOLLARVEHICLE.Alan young/IvanhoeNeighorhood Council Housingdirector/03:00:09-:22We"re at a loss we don"thave a way to replace it thework that we do typically we getfunding from programs but wedon"t get funding forvehicles and vehiclemaintenanceALAN YOUNG HAS LIVED INTHE NEIGHBORHOOD SINCE1987 AND HAS WITNESSEDITS REVITALIZATION.Alan young/IvanhoeNeighborhood Council Housingdirector/03:04:27-:38People know take pride in theirneighborhood just becauseyou"re low incomedoesn"t mean you live in atrashy dirty area--BUTTED TO--Alan young/IvanhoeNeighborhood Council Housingdirector/03:02-:47-55We should live in a nice cleanneighborhood like others enjoyin kansas city.

And we"rewilling to do the work to makeithappenTHE GROUP IS KNOWN FORFREQUENTLY ORGANIZINGCLEAN-UP EVENTS ANDWORKing CLOSELY WITH THECITY TO TACKLE NOTORIOUSILLEGAL DUMPing SPOTSLIKE THIS LOT AT 45TH ANDGARFIELD WHERE LASTWEEK SOMEONE DUMPED 40TIRES AND MORE TRASHJUST A DAY AGO.Alan Ashurst/KCMO illegaldumping investigator/02:41:55-02:42:04They dump back there left forwhatever reason came back andthen dumped the rest of it righthere so it had been quiet upuntilthenIVANHOE'S RECENT THEFTIS DISHEARTENING TO CITYSTAFF.Alan Ashurst/KCMO illegaldumping investigator/02:43:24-:34If we had 100 otherneighborhoods groups that tookthe pride that I"ve been howdoes and went out and helpthemselves would have a muchcleaner city so it"s a shamethat somebody would do thatIN THE MEANTIME THENEIGHBORHOOD PLANS TOUSE THIS PASSENGER VANTO HAUL AWAY SOMETRASH.AND WE DID THE CITYKNOW ABOUT THE THEFT.WE'RE TOLD THAT IF THEGROUP REACHES OUT TOTHEM, THE CITY WILL DOWHAT THEY CAN DO TOHELP THEM.LIVE AT 37TH ANDWOODLAND.



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