Egg Bowl hot topic at Road Dawgs Tour

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Published on May 17, 2019 -

Egg Bowl hot topic at Road Dawgs Tour

In a lot of ways, Joe Moorhead could have done no wrong in his first season as head football coach at Mississippi State as long as he brought the Egg Bowl trophy back to Starkville.


Egg Bowl hot topic at Road Dawgs Tour

One of ... that series ... of ways... joe - could've done no wrong, in his- first season as head football - coach at mississippi- state... as long as he brought- the egg bowl trophy... back to- starkville.

- as it turns out... moorhead did- a lot of right, in that first - season... and still brought the- egg bowl trophy... back to- starkville.

- yesterday, coach moorhead took- the coveted hardware south- to biloxi... for the 10th annua- road dawgs tour, at the - golden nugget hotel and casino.- anyone that says it's just one- game doesn't know college - football, in the magnolia - state... where thanksgiving is - meal that comes second... to a- brawl at the end of the third - quarter.- all that, for the egg bowl- trophy... which belongs to the- bulldogs for another six months- minimum... much - to the delight, of coach- moorhead... and all those that- came before him.- - "it means everything.

For such - great - rivalry where there's a ton of- passion and familiarity between- the fan bases, for us to- win that game up in oxford and- bring that thing home to- starkville, i know- there's a lot of people happy - about it starting with presiden- keenum so always- good to keep him happy."- "that is a great - to us, that- is our season.- and you go to the dressing room- they have a clock dating back t- that game.- and back in the day i had - at- one point - i had the longest - run in the history of the ole - miss-mississippi state football- like 90 yard touchdown, so i'm- excited about that."- - - - if mississippi state wins the - egg bowl again, this year...- it'll - be the first time the home team- has won... since ole miss, in - 20-14.-

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