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We'll see you president is proposing dramatic changes to the legal immigration system?

Why officials say the plan is not likely to get far in congress ?

And a number of people froperom multiple countries have been arrested.

Over a conspiracy to infect thousands of computers with malicious software.

Breaking now at noon?

President trump has long pushed for a border wall to deal with illegal immigration.

But today?

He's focused on what he wants to see done for legal immigration.

Natalie brand is at the white house with details of the president's plan?

And why it faces a tough challenge in congress.

(track 1)president trump unveils his vision to change lega* immigration in the united states this afternoon.

(sot: president trump)"people are trying to come into our country illegally because our country's doing so well but they can't come in illegally, they have to come in through the legal system.

They have to come in through merit."

(track 2) (gfx)the president wants to switch to a meri?based system that assigns points based on an immigrants specific skills, education, income level and if they speak english.the current system awards green cards mainly based on family connections and a lottery.

(/gfx) (sot: sen.

Marco rubio/ (r) florida)"there 's no doubt we have to modernize beyond the issue of unlawful immigration we have to modernize our immigration system to reflect our 21st century priorities."

(standup: natalie brand/ cbs news/the white house)jared kushner?

President trump's so?

I?law and senior advisor?

Crafted the plan and met with conservative groups for input.

The proposal appears to be a no?starter for democrats..

(sot: rep.

Nancy pelosi/ (?ca) speaker of the house)"we've only heard titles like "merit", which is no?merit.

It means merit in the eyes of donald trump."

(track 3)democrats say they want a protections for daca recipients...im migrants brought to america as children.

The white house says it was kept out on purpose.

(sot: sarah sanders/white house press secretary)"ev ery single time that we have put forward, or anyone else has put forward any type of immigration plan and it's included daca, it's failed."

(track 4)many lawmakers acknowledge the plan faces an uphill battle in congress...ke eping immigration as a hot topic on the 2020 campaign trail.

Natalie brand, cbs news, the white house.

Congress hasn't passed a comprehensiv e immigration reform bill since 1?86 under president reagan?

But not for a lack of trying.

Efforts under both presidents george w.

Bush and barack obama failed to generate enough support to pass.

Back at home?

United steel workers and alcoa?

Still have not reached a contract agreement?

Extending last night's deadline?


Negotiations started two weeks ago.

This is the first contract negotiation for the aluminum company since alcoa inc.?

Split into arconic and alcoa corp.

In 2?16.

The contracts were set to expire wednesday night?

But the union and alcoa agreed to extend the deadline?

Saying progress was being made and the two parties needed time to review new proposals.

The two sides are divided over employee health care, wages and pensions.

The negations?

Affect thousands of employees including 14 hundred people working at the warrick county plant.

An autopsy is scheduled as indiana state police investigate a fatal crash on ?69 take a look at this photo courtesy of the washington time?herald police say they got the call for the accident just before 9 wednesday night a woman died after that crash caused her car to catch fire troopers are continuing to investigate the cause of the crash?

Stay with 44news as we continue to gather information on this story?

The convicted felon wanted in connection with a shooting is behind bars.

According to the vanderburgh county jail website?

Tyrell culley was booked into jail around 3 thursday morning.

Officers issued a warrant for his arrest?

Tuesday in connection with the shooting of robert johnson.

Culley was also wanted for questioning in another investigation?

Involving dealing with marijuana and possessing a firearm.

A tr?state no?profit?

Hit for the third time in seven months the henderson habitat for humanity?

Took to facebook?

Showing damage to their new box truck.

According to the video posted?

Vandals tor?

Apart the unde?

Carriage of the truck and possibly stole several of the parts.

In the video?

You can see pieces of the truck thrown several yards away.

The incident likely happened sometime over the weekend at the habitat office on third street.

This damage follows two different incidents of tools being stolen from the no?


In recent months.

An evansville man accused of robbing a convenience store armed with a ?b gun?

Is now in the vanderburgh county jail.

Larreek timmons is accused of taking cash from the register at sam's food mart and smoke shop on columbia.

It was timmons' mother who told police this may not have been the first time.

"she thought he was responsible for a previous robbery there, so when that comes from your own mother that's pretty strong."

Timmons was pulled over in an unrelated traffic stop.

When an officer confronted him?

He ran and is*now facing more charges.

Court records indicate?

Timmons is living in evansville as part of a probation transfer from virgina.

The u.s. has ordered all no?essential government staff to leave iraq?

In response to what the trump administration is calling threats?

Linked to iran.

Cbs news' marc liverman reports.

(track 1:) (wed0402) (upper left font?

File)narr in response to intelligence reports that irania?

Backed militias in iraq are moving rockets within range of u.s. outposts, (video us embassy) (wed0402) the state department ordered non essential personnel at the u.s. embassy in baghdad to leave.

U.s. officials say they have pictures of iranian boats carrying short range ballistic missiles, which are normally based on land, operating in and out of the persian gulf as if they were being readied for deployment.

(sot wed0262represe ntative michael mccaul)"the threat is serious.

There is a reason why he is evacuating out of the embassy."

(track 2)pictures also show the four tankers anchored just outside the persian gulf, damaged earlier this week.

?s officials believe the shots show why iran's revolutionar y guards may be responsible for those attacks.

Earlier in the week, a british general with the u.s. led military coalition in baghdad challenged reports iran is preparing an attack.

(thu0041)sot ghika:"there's been no increased threat from irania?

Backed forces in iraq and syria."

(track3)the us military is refuting that report.

Still, it's led some lawmakers to demand more information: (sot mon0329?

Politics sot coons)"we are inserting ourselves into a potential conflict// without the congress being fully informed about the reasons, the cause, the trajectory or the strategy, and that's really concerning."

(track 5)today, intelligence officials will meet with senior congressiona l leaders for a briefing on the new intelligence about iran.

Marc liverman cbs news.

Both u.s. and iranian officials are insisting nobody wants a war.

President trump has denied reports he plans to send 1 hundred 2?

Thousand troops to the region.

Missouri is the latest state to push legislation forward?

That chips away at roe v wade the federal legislation protecting a woman's right to have an abortion.

Meg oliver has the latest from new york.

(track1)in the middle of the night, the missouri republica?

Led senate passed a heartbeat bill that bans abortion at 8 weeks..suppor ters say the bill will save the lives of women and children.

(sot mary elizabeth coleman/ representativ e)we're seeing the results of countless women entering in to politics and saying we want to protect women, we want to protect babies, we want to make abortion not just illegal but unthinkable."

The bill does no* make exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest, missouri's governor supports the ban.

(sotãkmov gov abortion bill mo rem84) we can make a bold stand for life.

(track3)the pr?life legislation comes just hours after alabama's governor kay ivey signed controversia l legislation that nearly bans all forms of abortion.doct ors who perform the procedure could face up to 99 years in prison.

(sot ivey?

Duncan aclu intv al rem63)14;32;22;1 2 gov: all human life is precious (track 4)cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman says it could be*two year* until the alabama law makes it to the supreme court.others will reach the docket sooner.

(sot klieman)00;07;1 5;11 rk: you may have a whittling away of roe, long before there would be a case that could ultimately overturn it (track5)(gfx in)at least 18 other states have introduced some version of a ban on abortion so far this year.

(gfx out)televange list, pat robertson, an abortion opponent says alabama has gone too far.

(pat robertson, televangelist) "this is not the case we want to bring to the supreme court."

(track6)the aclu is preparing a legal challenge to the alabama law.meg oliver, cbs news, new york.

The bill in missouri still needs approval of the full house.

The parents of an evansville teen are warning families of a dangerous game circulating through social media.

15 yea?old mason bogard died last week?

After participating in the viral 'choking challenge?

It requires a person to choke themselves to the point of almost passing out and then stopping?

Which is said to create a type of high.

The bogard family is now spreading mason's message in hopes of saving another life.

They say it starts with parents being aware about the dangers of social media?

And having a conversation with their children.

"face to face sit down and have that conversation with them about the dangers that are out there on the internet.

Jump "just try and keep teaching hem and telling them its dangerous to try certain things that you might think are safe but can go horribly wring in second and they can use mason as an example of what can go horribly wrong."

The bogard family says they have heard from people all over the world in response to their message.

They hope to eventually speak in schools and teach students about the dangers of social media and how to stay safe.

Authorities have arrested a number of people from multiple countries who conspired to infect thousands of computers with malicious software report any problems they find while casting their ballots in tuesday's election.

Any voters who notice something that may seem off?

Can call the election violations hotline.

Kentucky law already requires the office of the attorney general to conduct pos?

Election audits in at least five percent of kentucky counties.

That happens after each primary and general election.


Webster county was the only county in the tr?state to be audited.

The jasper police department warning of an active scam alert?

Using the identity of father ray brenner.... the scam is using the headline?

Many blessing?

And is sent from a gmail account that's not his.... if you respond?

A message will ask you to get 3 hundred dollars in gift cards..... the individual is asked to scratch the back?

To expose the card number?

Photograph it and forward it through the email or text message.... because of father ray status as a trusted member of the community?

There's concern people may not question or hesitate to send the numbers.... if anyone has received an email?

Or text?

And forwarded photos or cards stop by the jasper police department to file a report.... european and ?s authorities have announced the arrest of ten people?

Who conspired to infect thousands of computers with malicious software.

The assailants created an elaborate scheme by sending victims spam ?


Disguised as legitimate messages or invoices as many as 4?

Thousand computers from a wide range of companies and institutions across the united states and europe were affected.

All of the defendants hail from six nations across eastern europe.

Officials revealed more details regarding the arrests during a presser thursday.

We're pleased to announce what we believe is an unprecedente d international effort which has dismantled the goznym malware criminal network.

Authorities say the scheme resulted in more than a hundred million dollars in damages.

A healthy and active lifestyle is key to reducing your chances of developing dementia.... the world health organization is recommending new guidelines?

To reduce the risk for dementia.

It includes regular exercise and keeping a healthy weight.... that also goes for maintaining good blood sugar level?


And blood pressure levels.... having an active social life is also important.... but relying solely on vitamins or supplements?

Claiming to promote brain health?

Is not recommended?

And probably won't work to reduce your risk.... the red cross wants you to donate blood.... the organization is facing a critical shortage of type "o" blood?

And since type "o" can be given to patients with any blood type?

It's what emergency rooms need most.... medical experts say?

This time of the year is tough for the organization?

Because there are not as many blood drives across the country..... as a special thank you?

The organization is giving all donors a five dollar amazon gift card through june 10th.... if you'd like to learn more?

You can visit our website at wevv dot com.... trip advisor has introduced a new safety filter... how the company plans on keeping its users safe.

(door bell rings) it's open!


This is amazing.

With moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay?

Even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart.

So i talked to my doctor about humira.

I learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough.

And it helps people achieve control that lasts.

So you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.

Serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, sed .

Before treatment, get tested for tb.

Tell n to areas where certs are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.

Don't start humira if you have an infection.

Be there for you, and them.

Ask your gastroenterologist about humira.

With humira, control is possible.

Hey, jane, listen to this.

"beshear joins fight to preserve healthcare in kentucky."

Jane: andy's been such a good attorney general because he really cares about people, fighting to save their healthcare, their pensions.

That's why he'll be a great governor, too.

Heck, yeah.

Fined five big banks more than a billion dollars.

The firms including jpmorgan chase and citigroup are accused of colluding to trade large sums of foreign currency.

A similar case in the ?s is ongoing.

Regulators say the market rigging went on through chat rooms with code names like "the cartel?

The mafia?

And the bandits club."

Trip advisor has introduced a new safety filter allowing users to find out which hotels and resorts have been cited for employee crimes?

Including sexual assault.

Users will now be able to click through a filter on each property to see if there are any reviews with safety warnings involving rapes?


Or people being drugged.

And we are one step closer to flying taxis...a german star?

Up has pulled back the curtain on an all electric five seater air taxi.

The flying taxi is capable of traveling up to 300 kilometers in just one hour.

At that speed?

A normally one hour trip from new york's jfk airport to midtown?

Manhattan could take just six minutes.

You know who andy beshear's dad is, i want you to meet mine.

My name is larry.

My dad taught me a heck of a lot.

I'd tell him, boy, hard work never killed anybody.

And he's a great papaw.

Get off your dang phone.

Dad busted his back for us growing up and it's folks like him that i'll fight for as governor.

To get wages up, the cost of prescriptions down, and more skills training for folks who need it.

I know how to do it.

And as governor, i will.

That wasn't half bad.

Adam edelen, democrat for governor.

Downtown evansville?

Thanks for joining us... all your news and weather updates continue right now.... at

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