Big Bang Theory Watch Party Preview Pt. 2

Credit: KOAM
Published on May 16, 2019 -
Previewing the Big Bang Theory Watch Party

Big Bang Theory Watch Party Preview Pt. 2


The singer what's up everybody we are here at the route sixty six theater in web city i guess you and enjoyed by our emotions manager mister vance louis vance has your day going so far it's a beautiful word if you're in the beautiful web sodium from the route 60 review journal reviewed or not a big day for tv is a big day for tv so the big bang theory series finale is happening 12 seasons of the show.

It had a huge cultural impact so aghast.

You want we have going on tonight to celebrate twelve seasons of tel as well everyone that comes near the concern is committed either.

Was a good t-shirt keychain for big bang theory japan and then inside the theater after all two hundred ninety one are see the word and start doing more prices of some of the cool things we like the nesting dolls 77 one hundred billion dollars i think $100 billion findings on you having any problem and also a big bang theory monopoly game will be one of the prizes in one else we have something else up or down in atlanta for help in atlanta.

Once we have them, and set for big bang theory submittals all be door prizes everyone come in and we'll get a ticket ticket you will loan star door prizes five forty five or so 545 or so after the doors open at 530 super bowl so you can start lining up whenever you want but there are only 291 seats in this theater seo one make sure you get down here if you're big bang theory fan what you say is you are right your anticipation for tonight you think you can fill up now i certainly hope so it's it's a great place to come with other people who are fans of the show interests celebrate adam tv history with li library people helping us out today that a its daily am putting this on believe that freeman helped us in helping us out we got the route and helping us out.

We got the route 66 theater helping us out.

So anything else he wanted to know at home as they get ready for the day before they had down in no coming out of everyone will will whine about.

In front of him understand though the city's appointments please departments can the clones on church street sweden and treble the clones of church streets we tremble parties and their symptoms and acrimony this can be too much fun i for mr. vance lewis and

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