This is Earth’s Biggest Problem When an Asteroid Hits

Credit: Buzz60
Published on May 7, 2019 - Duration: 01:02s
Or, you know, the ensuing nuclear war. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details.

This is Earth’s Biggest Problem When an Asteroid Hits

If there’s a giant asteroid headed towards earth… we’re in a lot of trouble.????VO-doomsday/gavel??But according to Cosmos Magazine, the biggest danger associated with an incoming celestial object… may be the lawyers.????VO-asteroid deflect??Professor David Koplow of Georgetown Law explains that if an asteroid is heading for Earth and one country decides to deflect it… ????VO-asteroid hit??They may be liable if that deflected object lands on someone else… ????VO-logo/lawyer??But Seth Baum, the executive director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute says it could be even worse than lawyers and litigation.????VO-nuclear??Explaining that an asteroid hit could quote: “...look like the damage of a nuclear attack.” ????VO-missiles??Saying countries may retaliate with a counter-strike before they even know what’s going on.????VO-reverse explode asteroid/astronaut??But what about stopping an incoming asteroid with a nuclear weapon?

????VO??Well, sending a nuke into space is actually illegal under the Outer Space Treaty, but public international law professor James Green reasons we might want to change that law.????VO??Explaining in the Conversation that we should hash this out BEFORE there’s an imminent impact scenario.

????VO-massive asteroid??But if the UN Security Council did waive the treaty to deal with an incoming doomsday,??Baum says that may quote: ????VO-mushroom cloud??“...send a signal that [nuclear weapons] are necessary”.

????VO-atomic bomb??And could spark a nuclear arms race.????VO-lawyers??Well, at least that doomsday scenario doesn’t involve any lawyers.


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