Drew Brees praises Saints 2019 draft class

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Published on May 1, 2019 -

Drew Brees praises Saints 2019 draft class

The New Orleans Saints aren’t very patient during the NFL Draft, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing if they continue to hit home runs on guys like Marshon Lattimore, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara.


Drew Brees praises Saints 2019 draft class

- the new orleans saints aren't - very patient, during the n-f-l- draft... but that's not - necessarily a bad thing... if - they continue to- hit home runs on guys like- marshon lattimore, first- round... michael thomas, second- round... and alvin kamara, thir- round.- even drew brees is endorsing th- quality over quantity - mantra... having served as the- keynote speaker at mississippi- college's 20-19 scholarship - banquet, earlier today.

- when the saints traded up to- select erik mc-coy, in the- second round... as the heir - apparent to max unger, at the - center position... it was the - 16th time they had moved up, in- the - last 13 years.- and even though no other team - had fewer picks than the saints- this weekend... brees is still- signing off... on the class of- 20- - 19.

- - "coming out of the draft even though we - didn't have a first round pick- and had limited picks after - that, i felt like they did a- great job of maneuvering and- trading up to get some guys i - know were - ranked very high on their board- guys that they feel like can- come in and make an - instant impact for us, and only- time will tell.

But i'm excited- to get into practices here in a- few weeks, and see what we've - got."

- - - today, n-f-l communications - announced that the saints would- hold their rookie mini- camp...- may 10th through the- 12th.

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