Earth Day rally put on by 17-year-old

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Published on April 22, 2019 -
An Earth Day rally will be held on Monday, April 22, to celebrate Earth Day.

Earth Day rally put on by 17-year-old

And according to oregon has bee patience jankovsy about the rally.

He is in medford, we go live to him now.

Cameron, you mentioned something people are getting just for a plastic water bottle.

What is that?

[657]earth day rally-stinger yes they are actually getting you involved in a summer activity you may have always wanted to do.

I am here at the vogel plaza where this rally takes place today from noon to 1pm.

If you bring a plastic water bottle, they will trade you for a garden starter.

So, if you have always wanted to start a garden, this summer could be the perfect fit.

And for just a water bottle that you have laying around.

That is not too bad of a deal.

This is just one of the ways that 17-year-old patience jankovsky is trying to do to get the community involved in saving the earth.

Especially the youth in the area.

"due to pollution, and cimate change, our earth is starting to just die.

So, i thought the best way to get youth involved was to bring them to something that they could participate in, and help make a difference."

In the next 15 minutes, they are helping you make sure your congressman knows you care about this issue.

I will tell you how coming up.

Reporting live in medford, cameron derby, newswatch12.

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