Wicker Talks

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Published on April 19, 2019 -
Senator Roger Wicker makes a swing through north Mississippi.

Wicker Talks

Senator roger wicker makes a swing through north mississippi, meeting with area leaders and constituents.

Our rylie livingston caught up with senator wicker to find out more about some of the issues facing mississippi and the nation..

Senator roger wicker is hard at work trying to make things happen for mississippi.

One thing on the agenda is broadband mapping.

Senator wicker is chairman for the senate commerce committee and is looking towards the future.

"if we relied on the current map that the federal communications commission has it would show that mississippi is 98% perfectly covered and we know that's not true the public service commissioners tell us flatly that's not true small businesses.

So it's very important to get these maps right and when we finally get them right theres four and a half billion dollars available from a fund in the federal government to build more wireless connectivity in places like mississippi where we really really need it."

Another hot topic is the border.

Senator wicker along with 11 other republicans voted against declaring a national emergency.

But his reasoning might not be what you think.

"we have a crisis at the border and that's why i have voted for border structures for decades."

"i want to the president to fund the border wall with a funding mechanism that was not likely to be challenged in court and he could be using at this point."

The economy is always a concern and at the moment seems to be in a good place despite concerns it could start declining.

"i don't see signs of it slowing down now if you study basic first year college economics the always going to be cycles and we will probably be a cycle but i'll tell you we are we're doing better than we've done in a long time and a lot better than predicted."

Senator wicker finished his day by visiting paccar engine factory.

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