BCIAA baseball and softball highlights

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Published on April 18, 2019 -
BCIAA baseball and softball highlights

BCIAA baseball and softball highlights

Is the sports director that would be dan moscaritolo he about the year to their division leaders met under the lights and his fault on tonight, hamburg only valley colliding.

>>on the dance floor, a potential playoff preview berk's too division leading hawks burkes 3 colder links let's go talk to all these lucas my for to cranks this one out to left to run shot links grab a quick 2 nothing lead my 3rd had 3 hits in this one.

Bottom of the 5th links up 4 nothing here comes hamburg.

Omens zimmerman singles into right center run comes in as the hawks played 3 in the frame.

It's a 4, 3, game a bottom of the 7th 5 for only 2 men on hamburg's colby grom with kids a grounder to short, tying run scores, the hawks try to win it with the winning run thrown out at home as defensive play thereby only to send it to extra stop 8.

Always gavin shrout one flyers a single into right good enough to score.

And the low first traveling at a trio of hits as only valley.

Winds it in extras a 7 to 5.

The final score.

Twin valley softball undefeated on the year most of those games blowouts posting a good exit or team today scoreless bottom of the 3rd until grace marsala sends one up the middle alyssa generic comes in the score to make it one nothing later on say many some at the philips up the middle that up to some bristol white shirt is 6 runs in the 3rd to tell the raiders to a big 11 to one victory

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